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What to do at Ibo Island

Ibo Island is different. Your Mozambique holiday here in the northern Quirimbas Archipelago will be different. Because when you choose Ibo, you choose culture above beaches, history above sea swims. You come to Ibo to marvel at the old white forts dating back 500 years and you meet happy people who live a simple live, fishing and growing vegetables.

You come to Ibo to enjoy luxury nights in an ancient mansion, refurbished to represent one of the best holiday lodges in the southern hemisphere. Sleep in suites so comfortable you never want to leave and listen carefully to the whispers of the thick coral walls as they tell you stories of slave trading, the Arab spice route and Portuguese rule.

There is so much to do on Ibo Island. Just book your ticket, pack your walking shoes, swimming costume, hat, sun cream and camera and your adventure beckons. Check out our recommendations for an unforgettable island vacation:

  1. Secret Sandbank Beach: You only find out about this awesome yet temporary beach when you arrive at Ibo Island Lodge. This secluded sand bank appears at low tide and seems so huge and so permanent you can take your picnic and set yourself up there for the morning or afternoon. Take the boat cruise with our experienced skipper and suddenly you are surrounded by warm azure ocean waters, resembling a large flat lake. Take your snorkels and flippers and explore the coral reefs nearby. Ibo staff will provide your drinks and food as you relax in style under a Bedouin Tent.
  1. Mangrove Kayak Excursions: Grab a kayak and follow your experienced guide on flat waters around Ibo Island towards the most pristine mangrove forests this side of Africa. Preserved for the future, these lush mangrove swamps support exquisite and rare birds, animals and plants – an ecosystem that people need to understand better for our sustainable survival on Earth. Moor your kayak on a small beach and tuck into a picnic from our Ibo Island Lodge chef.
  2. Unique Island-Hopping Dhow Safaris: Peacefully explore the islands of the Quirimbas – on board a magnificent, 12m traditional Arab dhow. Spend your sunny days snorkelling, diving and sea kayaking off deserted white sandbanks and into the turquoise sea then sleep deeply in mobile eco-fly camps on uninhabited tropical islands.
  3. Silver Smith Jewellery Project: Visit the old star-shaped fort that dominates Ibo Island is a source of fascinating history – meet about 40 traditional silversmiths based here who hand craft exquisite, intricate, jewellery using ancient Arab techniques and tools. These artisan-artists are simply continuing an ancient Ibo tradition of producing fine metalwork for their livelihoods.
  4. Sundowners in the Vista Lounge: See the crimson ball of fire sink into the darkening Indian Ocean while our chef prepares your traditional Portuguese seafood and side dishes, washed down with top wines and champagnes.
  5. Ibo Spa Therapies: Book the amazing Musiro Face Treatment, a traditional white face pack that the local women of Ibo wear. Deeply moisturizing and cleansing it is also an excellent sunscreen and helps rejuvenate sun damaged and tired skin. The musiro is made from the trunk and branches of the Quipalo tree and is ground into a paste using a coral stone.
  6. Guided Bird Walks: Ibo Island is proud of its conservation ethics and the owners of Ibo Island Lodge love to show off the endemic and rare bird species on the island. Wander around the island to see this abundance of birdlife – Ibo is an ornithological wonderland.
  7. Dolphin Safaris: Meet wild dolphins in shallow tropical waters where they can be easily seen swimming along the sandy bottoms. You will never forget the time you spend below the surface of the water with these special creatures. Interaction with dolphins actually boosts our immune systems and you will be proud to be part of the Dolphincare code of conduct.
  8. Scuba Diving: Ibo Island’s Dive Quirimbas activity centre offers you hands-on diving instruction from professional dive masters and boat crews so that you too can dive newly-discovered sites in some of the most beautiful coral reefs in Africa – without all the crowds. Have fun in the warm ocean as you seek Yellow fin tuna and Marlin, Whale sharks; huge schools of feeding Barracuda, King fish, Red snappers, Green and Hawksbill turtles, pods of Humpback dolphins as well as the Humpback whales in season.
  9. Deepsea Fishing: Ensure your vacation specialises in fishing trips out to incredible reefs and atolls like St Lazarus Banks – fishermen who accompany our pro boat crew are guaranteed thrilling encounters with huge game fish – some anglers have caught the biggest Dogtooth Tuna in the channel between Ibo and Matemo Islands with its 1.4 kilometre drop–off. In these Quirimbas waters, large quantities of fish can still be found.

It is not about what to do at Ibo Island, but what to choose out of all the fascinating and exciting and relaxing activities that will occupy your mind. Settle into your fabulous luxury accommodation, sip an original cocktail and allow the Ibo Island staff to tempt you with wonderful walks around the village, seeking old story tellers and huge coconut crabs.

Ibo Island has it all so book your special package holiday deal for summer today.


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