whale watching Ibo Island

Whale season at Ibo Island

Have a Whale of a Time at Ibo Island Lodge

Ibo Island Lodge becomes part of the annual whale migration and relishes the season when breaching, sailing, sky hopping, lob tailing and spouting fill the oceans and attract interested visitors.

Whales come to the warm waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago between June and December annually. These northern Mozambique islands are mostly unexplored and a haven for families of Southern Right and Humpbacked Whales who cruise past to have their babies further south.

Humpbacks and Rights

The Humpback whale got its name from the motion it makes when it arches out of the water to dive – these ocean acrobats are great to watch and, when underwater, divers can hear their spine-tingling singing. Divers at Ibo Island are keen to get close to whales and are also lucky to see Reef sharks, Rays and Spanish Mackerel.

Right whales were so-named by whalers who considered them the “right” whales to hunt: they were rich in blubber, they were easy to catch, being relatively slow swimmers, and they floated after being killed.

Today, whale watchers can see their horny growths all over their heads and watch them blow water from two blowholes. In Mozambique, Southern Right whales are often sighted in the southern region of the Mozambique Channel close inshore.

Ibo’s whales, large and small

Often, where there are large whales, there are smaller whales too. Visitors to Ibo Island Lodge may well get to see the Short-finned Pilot Whale, the False Killer Whale and the Blainville or Dense Beaked Whale. Dolphins also play in the Mozambique Quirimbas National Park, diving through the waves and following boats.

In fact, Ibo’s Dive Quirimbas activity centre offers visitors the opportunity to go swimming with real dolphins! These could be the very acrobatic spinner dolphins, the spotted dolphin, common, bottlenose or humpback dolphins.

It is easy to see whales at some stage along the 2 600 kilometre Mozambique coast! Eco-tourism is huge now with many visitors choosing Mozambique as a holiday destination – for its undeveloped African magic.

And, those who come, care about what is left of the marine life, many choosing to stay at the glorious Ibo Island Lodge.

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