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The Ultimate Guide to Ibo Island Lodge

Flying in to the legendary Ibo Island Lodge in the northern region of Mozambique is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. If you want to experience the best features of Ibo Island Lodge, then read this ultimate guide to the hotel in the Quirimbas Archipelago, and remain forever smitten.

Solid ancient walls

The best part about Ibo Island Lodge is its historic suites with thick old walls built to sustain hurricanes and earthquakes, it would seem. And high ceilings to keep inhabitants cool in the heat that rises from the warm streets and white sugary beaches. Setting foot into the coolth of Ibo Island Lodge is like entering an oasis in a place forgotten in time where everything you need is an arm’s length way.

Yet you can still immerse yourself in days of yore where fisherfolk still throw a line and mothers still plant fresh produces for their children to eat. The aroma of fresh bread baking, the hint of seaweed on the wind, the sight of barefoot children running and the sound of waves breaking – these are the magical sounds of Ibo Island where the lodge is situated, on a waterfront looking out to an ancient mangrove swamp.

Chic accommodation for relaxation

Ibo Island Lodge is elegance defined – stunning individually designed suites offer sea, garden or swimming pool views and each one a memory worth keeping. Revel in air-conditioning, fans, silky linen and fine toiletries for personal pampering. Settle into your huge four poster bed under a draped mosquito net for a deep sleep after hours spent soaking up the Mozambique sun and culture.

You will spend many a great time in the rooftop restaurant sipping exotic cocktails as the sun sets into the Indian Ocean and then sampling the chef’s best grilled seafood dishes. Expect a touch of Portuguese spice and plenty of fresh produce on the side, grown right here on the island.

Action on the water

If it is action you want, wait for the new day as the sun crests the ocean and turns golden. Then you approach our boat crew and get them to launch as soon as you have dined on fresh fruit and just-baked Portuguese rolls with cashews for breakfast. Head on out to sea on a traditional dhow to find the dolphins. See where they play as the days turns from gold to amber. Look for their cavorting groups as you marvel at the peace, the endless blueness of where ocean meets sky. When your skipper shouts that he has found them, don mask and fins and slip into the warm ocean to play with the dolphins…

Dive below the blue surface

If you want to get even closer and stay down for longer, visit the Dive Quirimbas activity centre and do a dive course to update your skills. Then explore the reefs and channels in the Quirimbas on a boat that takes you as far as Matemo and Azura Quilalea to find exotic game fish and huge whales heading south for breeding.

Returning to the lodge means a hot shower and something grand to eat such as succulent grilled prawns or crab curry. Eat coconuts fresh from the tree and sip their milk. Hit the spa and find a therapy just right for your day including massages, facials and other rewarding relaxing treatments.

Tours to learn the history

Sit on wide verandas furnished with hand crafted furniture and wander around beautiful tropical gardens planted with palms, established trees, bougainvillea and frangipani. Book a tour of the village where you learn more about the culture of the island and meet friendly Ibo residents who live the simple life. Let them take you to the Silversmith Project in the huge old star-shaped fort and you can buy genuine handmade trinkets worth plenty of money and a huge investment in time and ancestry.

Ibo Island Lodge remains your safe base from heat, from too much adventure and from your fast-paced life back home. Here, you can immerse yourself in historical auras, architectural splendour and natural beauty. Contact us to make your dream holiday in Mozambique happen – at Ibo Island Lodge.

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