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Travel to the Quirimbas

Travel to the Quirimbas Archipelago during the drier winter months is the best time to go – temperatures are steady, winds are low and marine animal sightings are high. June to August is popular times to go, while April to October is a safe time to go.

Average summer temperatures in the Ilhas Quirimbas Moçambique range from 21°C to 31°C.  It can be quite stifling so make sure you stay on the edge of the ocean! Average winter temperatures range from 15°C to 26°C. Rainy season arrives in mid-November and ends around April. Bring a good sun block, hat and loose clothing.

Getting to the islands is not difficult – you can easily connect to northern Mozambique from South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Pemba is the gateway to the Quirimbas Islands – just a short island hop away. There are daily flights from Johannesburg to Pemba and regular flights from Dar-Es-Salaam and Nairobi. Most island lodges will send a representative to meet you there and transfer you either by air or sea to your island of choice. Click here to find out how to get to Ibo Island.

Travel to the Quirimbas by light air craft is often the best highlight of your holiday. Fly low over the beautiful islands and clear turquoise waters where you can sometimes spot turtles and whales in season.

Flights from Dar-Es-Salaam can be cheaper and easier, without any extra jumps. New flights are on the cards to the Archipelago from Tanzania. Contact one of our consultants to organise your trip.

Passports and Visas:

All visitors require a passport although South Africans do not require a Visa. It is advisable to get visas in advance at a Mozambican Embassy.


Visitors travelling to Mozambique do need anti-malarial medication in this malaria ridden country. Use mosquito nets, mosquito repellent and wear protective clothing.

Money and tipping:

The US Dollar and South African Rand are widely accepted in Mozambique although the official currency is the Metical (Meticais plural). Most hotels and accommodation venues have credit card facilities but check first before arrival. Some activities at accommodation venues do cost extra so cash will be needed.

Standard tipping is a 10% tip for service but tipping is at the visitor’s discretion and depends on the level of service received.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun in the Quirimbas sun when you travel to Mozambique.

Dear Ibo Friends (can I call you friends?)

I have had the most amazing time in Ibo, possibly the time of my life. It’s been only one short weekend but I feel like spent here at least a week – cultural, historical tours were awesome and so was dhow cruise to the sand bank and morning kayaking!! I will never forget my private dinner on the beach with the moon and candles only! Thank you for making my stay here so memorable. Ibo Island Lodge is one magical place!!

Hope to see you again one day!

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