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Mozambique International airport flight schedule

You will arrive at Pemba International Airport. You will disembark the plane and walk across to the small Pemba arrivals room. If you are booked on direct flights to Pemba (i.e. not via Maputo) you will need to clear customs, and immigration formalities in Pemba before leaving the arrivals area. If you have flown via Maputo you will normally have cleared formalities there.

Once you have collected your luggage and cleared formalities you will be met by a representative of Ibo Island Lodge. His name is Oscar Soares and his contact number is +258 82 661 9500. In the unlikely event that you are not met, please call Lutfiyyah Davids directly (based in head office in South Africa) on: phone +27 82 704 5863 or +27 21 785 2657. Emergency / after hours cell phone is +27 (0) 72 577 8575.

Depending on the time of your air transfer to Ibo Island, the Ibo Island Lodge representative will either escort you directly to the plane or to the waiting room for your flight to Ibo Island.

Please note that there is a strict restriction of 15 kg per person of SOFT luggage including hand luggage. If this is not adhered to, the pilot may leave the bags behind. In an effort to keep the cost of the air transfers reasonable, the lodges in the region co-operate to share daily schedules where ever possible. The rate you have been quoted is therefore ‘a seat in a plane rate’ rather than a charter rate, which means that guests fit into the combined Quirimbas lodge requirements of each day as op-posed to a private plane charter.

Private charter flights to Pemba are available on request at the time of booking Ibo Island Lodge, but are more expensive.


SA Airlink Flights:

Johannesburg to Pemba:

Day of the week Depart Johannesburg Arrive Pemba
Monday 11h30 14h20
Wednesday 11h30 14h20
Thursday 11h30 14h20
Friday 11h30 14h20
Saturday 11h30 14h20


Pemba to Johannesburg:

Day of the week Depart Pemba Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 14h50 17h45
Wednesday 14h50 17h45
Thursday 14h50 17h45
Friday 14h50 17h45
Saturday 14h50 17h45


Air Mozambique (LAM) Flights:

Johannesburg to Pemba via Maputo:

Day of the week Depart Johannesburg  Arrive Pemba
Monday 08h40 13h00
Thursday 08h40 13h00
Friday 08h40 13h00

Pemba to Johannesburg via Maputo:

Day of the week Depart Pemba Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 13h40 18h30
Thursday 13h40 18h30
Friday 13h40 18h30


East Africa – Air Mozambique (LAM) Flights:

Dar-es-Salaam to Pemba: 

Day of the week Depart Dar es Salaam Arrive Pemba
Wednesday 17h00 17h10
Friday 17h00 17h10
Sunday 17h00 17h10


Pemba to Dar-es-Salaam:

Day of the week Depart Pemba Arrive Dar es Salaam
Wednesday 12h10 14h20
Friday 12h10 14h20
Sunday 12h10 14h20


Nairobi to Pemba: 

Day of the week Depart Nairobi Arrive Pemba
Tuesday 16h15 17h25
Wednesday 16h15 17h25
Saturday 16h15 17h25
Sunday 16h15 17h25


Pemba to Nairobi:

Day of the week Depart Nairobi Arrive Pemba
Tuesday 12h15 15h25
Wednesday 12h25 15h35
Saturday 12h15 15h25
Sunday 12h25 15h35


As a start to our honeymoon, we could not Have asked for a more beautiful place. The staff (especially Kissinger) were fabulous and special notes to the chef!! The sand bank island breakfast will always be a special memory.