Disembarking a kayak in the Quirimbas

Sea Kayak Expeditions in Mozambique

One of the best paddling destinations in Mozambique is the Quirimbas Archipelago – plenty of space, dotted with islands, to explore, get fit and simply perfect the sea kayaking experience. This idyllic chain of islands stretches right up to the Tanzanian border, 32 kilometers north of Pemba, and many sea kayak expeditions start from Ibo Island.

From luxury lodge to camping on a beach

This is a great starting place as the island is a place of ancient history and culture where still local people live, growing their own food, fishing for food and sharing their island with Ibo Island Lodge. So, staying at this island lodge in Mozambique means that you have a luxurious base from which to explore the surrounding islands in a sea kayak, and you will be looked after by a professional crew.

Not only that, but you can jump on board a traditional dhow if you tire, or need food or a rest – this will be your unique ‘support vehicle’. As you hop from island to island you will be treated to seafood picnics on remote, uninhabited islands, to camping under trees at night, your only light the stars overhead. Your crew will braai fresh seafood over log fires for you while you day dream about the day you spent sea kayaking in paradise.

You can explore the mangrove channels with your guide but don’t get lost in these natural mazes – see the exotic birds, the small mammals then head back to the campsite to read a book or pick up your snorkelling gear to explore the underwater fantasy worlds in the Quirimba Archipelago.

Work with the weather and tides 

While paddling along in your sea kayak, take note of the weather and waves around you – if the swells get bigger and you are an inexperienced paddler, then head for the support dhow for a rest. It is not easy to get cold in Mozambique but ensure you have sufficient cover for mosquitoes at night and the breeze should it come up. Smear on the sun cream and simply enjoy this experience, on a sea kayak, so close to the elements!

Remember that when you book your sea kayaking experience from Ibo Island in the Quirimbas, you are becoming of a life that is slow paced and in touch with nature. You have left the urban rat race for a while and it is time to rejuvenate body and soul. Your guides will work out your kayaking route according to the climate, the tides and sea conditions – a true adventure!

Complete your marine expedition at Ibo Island Lodge – sink into a sparkling swimming pool with a cold beer then watch the sun set from the sundowner terrace upstairs. Retire to your luxury lodgings to sleep the night away in quality linen on huge beds.

Time to plan that sea kayaking safari in Mozambique now with one of our experienced consultants. 


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