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Romance on Ibo Island

Waking up on Ibo Island with your loved one beside you is an opportunity worth waiting for.  This is the best of Mozambique – an Ibo Island holiday is packed with romance and radiates all the ingredients for true love. Gorgeous sunsets, cocktails on the beach, dinner for two in a private location and accommodation in an historic lodge reeking of authenticity.

Exotic romance is in

An exotic tropical East African coastal destination, Ibo is a mere dot on the map of the Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago. But as you fly over, the dot materialises into something magnificent, something tangible and somewhere you can fall in love. Romance you can feel. For where else in Mozambique can you find so much atmospheric history, so much cultural realism and so much time to smell the roses?

Pretty attractions for couples

On Ibo Island, revel in the beauty of crimson bougainvillea’s, scarred white forts that tell fascinating tales of slavery and the spice trade – and long walks through the villages seeing how real fisherfolk live. Smile all the while at the white teeth smiling back at you and choose an exquisite sterling silver jewellery memento from the Silver Smith Project.

Coconuts are sweet and so are you

Romance smiles at you from the sandy streets when you taste fresh coconut together from a street vendor. And romance beams her light onto you as you watch huge coconut crabs scurry up tall palm trees to find their milky food. Dreamy evenings watching gorgeous sunsets into the Indian Ocean from the Vista Lounge make your island holiday worth every cent.

Romance on Ibo Island is all about the peace and quiet, the escape from your crazy life to this one – a simple island lifestyle of sustainable fishing, crop growing and mindfulness. The rosy atmosphere on remote Ibo Island attracts visitors who are into solitude, yet meeting fascinating friendly cultures which remain in touch with reality.

Simplicity promotes romance on Ibo

The people if Ibo can remind you that romance is in the food you eat, the walks you take around the island, the warm blue sea and the perfectly brewed coffee in the mornings. There is a haunting quality about your stay on Ibo Island and it is worth learning about Northern Mozambique while you are here. The untouched beauty of the Quirimbas Archipelago must be seen to be believed – violet and turquoise ocean bays, soft white sandy beaches, tall coconut palms everywhere and places where no one has ever trod.

Book your honeymoon to Ibo Island and feel the romance begin. We can offer you the best honeymoon package this side of the equator so get out your calendar and contact us about your romantic holiday away.

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