7 night Ibo Island Lodge, St Lazarus, Metundo Canyon and Vamizi Dive Package

Diving Quirimbas


Set off on board a luxury Maxim 400 Fly Bridge Power Catamaran on an island hopping adventure into the dreamy Quirimbas Archipelago. Explore fabulous white beaches from your floating chalet. Once known as the Islands of Lazarus, the Quirimbas is brimming with history – harking back to the days of Arab trading posts and Portuguese trading routes.

Getting to St Lazarus Banks is a feat. Cruise the 8 hours from your base, Ibo Island Lodge, lsland hopping around Medjumbe Island and Vamizi Island. At the Banks, try a little live-aboard fun, diving huge depths of a mysterious atoll for hours. Game fish shoals, bait fish schools, it’s all happening. Our Maxim 400 super yacht is fully equipped for certified scuba divers with dive tanks, compressors, weight belts and dive gear on board.

Enjoy top end facilities on board your floating hotel – comfortable leather seating areas, flat screen TV and DVD player plus stereo and music system for your entertainment.


  • Dive St Lazarus Banks and surrounds
  • Luxury accommodation at Ibo Island Lodge
  • Arrive and depart from Pemba


  • Mozambique, Quirimba’s Archipelago
  • Ibo Island Lodge – 2 nights
  • St Lazarus Banks – 2 nights (on-board yacht)
  • Medjumbe / Tambuzi – 1 night (on-board yacht)
  • Vamizi Island – 2 nights (on-board yacht)



sorry no SA price on this package

*Regional flights and light air transfers are not included

The cost per person for light aircraft transfer is as follows:
Pemba to Ibo Island: US$235 per person one way
Ibo Island to Pemba: US$230 per person one way
Return flights: US$465 per person

*NB Serious scuba divers are encouraged to bring their own soft gear where possible as the on-board gear is for casual divers and backup use. There is a PADI dive centre on Ibo Island, should you need to rent dive gear.

Activity Gear Deposits
The yacht is kitted out with about R 250,000 worth of activity equipment from a large selection of fishing rods, reels and tackle, to scuba gear, snorkel gear, kayaks and SUPs and motor support vessels. However we do ask for a USD 1000 refundable Activity Gear Deposit to cover the loss or damage of gear during the charter.  This will be refunded at the end of the cruise.

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