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Quirimbas Safari Package

A Quirimbas Archipelago safari package completed on a kayak is an adventurous way to explore this dreamy Mozambique region. Here, the crystal clear blue seas and sunny skies ensure smooth sailing most of the time. Going on safari in the Quirimbas on a kayak requires a certain level of fitness and stamina but it is really up to you how often you rest and how far you go! You will be accompanied by a traditional dhow, carrying your supplies and dry clothes.

Combine your kayak safari with swims in the sea off remote beaches and sand banks. You will see other dhows along the way but the dive sites will be free of other divers and you will feel entirely alone at night, camping on a secluded Quirimba island. You can snorkel off your kayak or from the serene and rare sand bank beaches, you come across in this northern Mozambique region. Read more about fly camps during kayak safaris here.

Your kayak safari package into the Quirimba hops around several islands from Ibo Island. You will enjoy three to four nights on other deserted islands, seeing rare mangroves, river mouths, coral reefs and bird species. When you have completed a long kayak dhow safari, you will really appreciate the comforts of Ibo Island Lodge and its chic bedrooms, two swimming pools, sundowner terrace, fantastic food and guided activities.

You and your special friends will get so much out of a safari by kayak, sharing the sea’s beauty and the sightings of marine creatures as you glide by them. You will kayak by day and camp by night in comfy fly tents – the crew sets up your dining area and sleeping spots while grilling fresh crayfish on an open fire.

During your Mozambique safari by sea kayak, your crew will take you on a day trip to the Pangane Peninsula or to Macaloe Island from the camp. A day later, you will cruise up the Ulumbwa river mouth where fascinating rural fishing villages dot the shoreline.   Another chance to camp in the open – this time in the Mozambique bush south of Ulumbwa. From here, you will explore Matemo Island, kayaking around its southern tip where species such as kingfish, queen fish, barracuda, mackerel and yellowfin tuna can be hooked on your fishing line.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is a radical new destination that has been seen by the lucky few… The region has recently become one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Historically, Ibo Island was the trading hub of this string of islands, and today is nominated as a World Heritage Site and hosts the headquarters of the Quirimbas National Park.

Time for you to book your kayak adventure safari into the Quirimbas so contact one of our consultants today. 

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