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Quirimba Packages

If you are looking for solitude and unmarked beaches, then look no further than the isolated islands of the Quirimba Archipelago, off Pemba in northern Mozambique. Many of these islands are unpopulated paradises for honeymoon couples and families who should choose packages to make the most of their Quirimba holiday.

Get off the beaten track and tailor make your Quirimba package with a cultural stopover on Ibo Island then a scuba diving trip to Medjumbe Island and a romantic interlude on Quilalea Island. It is not often that you get to combine intellectual stimulation with complete physical relaxation and luxury facilities. Be intrigued by Ibo Island’s crumbling Portuguese ruins, its real life silversmiths still creating exquisite silver artefacts and its secret sand bank beach destination.

From here, you can choose any manner of holiday package within the Quirimba, tailor made to your expectations. Visits to some islands can be well combined with visits to other islands; ensuring guests see and experience the very best of the Archipelago and its Marine National Park. Diving and snorkelling island holidays may incorporate Ibo and Azura at Quilalea.

Experience this joint itinerary which showcases the best of Quirimba history, culture, guided activities and beaches! The 11 night package includes three nights experiencing a mobile island hopping dhow safari, three nights at Ibo Island Lodge and four nights at Azura Quilalea. Enjoy freshly grilled crayfish on an open fire and camping under the stars in fresh sea air! Find out more about this experience right here!

For those who want to contribute to nature conservation, start at Ibo and move on to Vamizi Island to see the turtles and dolphins. A well-deserved honeymoon could blend the best of both on Ibo and Medjumbe Islands, walking the beaches, interacting with local cultures and eating grilled lobster.

Don’t forget the tiny island of Matemo for its wedding and special event package deals. Tailor-make the dream holiday you always wanted. This is the ideal honeymoon destination where couples can dive, fish, go birding or hiking the surrounds.

Find out about the best Quirimba Archipelago holiday package for your particular needs. A typical Quirimba package will focus on beach-bush experiences with some island hopping thrown in. Contact one of our consultants today to assist you with this decision.


Very interesting to visit Ibo and your initiative to encourage development on the Island. Beautiful scenery combined with culture, history and good insight into the local life has made my stay here so rewarding and relaxing. A wonderfully unique experience – everyone so helpful – interesting history everywhere! I wish the lodge and Ibo Island great success. Oh and that beach……….!.

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