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Spending a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in the Quirimba Archipelago means going back in time in Mozambique. Your Quirimba holiday will be enjoyed in a place where very few people live and where development has not yet reared its ugly head. Most lodges and island villas are built in tune with the pristine natural environment out here in the northern regions of the country.

Some visitors say that venturing out to the Quirimba Archipelago is like re-discovering paradise – you can walk the white beaches without seeing another soul and you can enjoy some of the best fresh seafood ever eaten. Divers and fishermen will be in their element when they tailor make their Quirimba holidays with a focus on being underwater, or on top of the water!

Families will find some of the best island accommodation on this idyllic chain of islands where only marine wildlife, the sun, sea, and wind are your constant companions. You will meet the local fishermen who still trawl the bays in their old Arab style dhows, looking for fish. You will meet the friendly staff at top class beach resorts who only want to please you, their guest. You certainly won’t find roads and noise or cars – only a few small airstrips where small aircraft and helicopters land, and small docks for boats.

Eco-boutique hotels and sustainable tourism are the current buzz words when you go to the Quirimba area to find villas built by hand from local materials. But you get luxurious accommodation and extras as well as world-class service! Imagine resting on beaches fringed with coconut palms and snorkeling for hours in clear blue seas? There is also plenty of cultures to keep you busy – ancient ruins and stories of old. Click here to learn more about Ibo Island’s community projects.

Beautiful Quirimba island accommodation is not only varied and tasteful but also attends to everyone’s holiday needs and expectations. The top five islands include Ibo Island, Vamizi Island, Quilalea Island, Matemo Island and Medjumbe Island – each one offering fantastic villas for a memorable holiday in paradise.

Wherever you choose to stay, you will definitely find the time to dive, snorkel and even go fishing for Marlin and Tuna. You will shower outside, you will stay barefoot most of the time and you will feel like a king or queen on your own bit of island.

The Quirimba Archipelago is still practically a mysterious place in the eyes of the outside world. So take the whole family on holiday or go alone – just book and see for yourself! Chat with one of our consultants to plan your Quirimba holiday.


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