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Pemba hotels – both combine well with Ibo

Most of the hotels in Pemba can be found along the popular Wimbi beachfront, from five-star luxury to friendly backpackers along the same 12 kilometre sandy Mozambique beach! Pemba is in the far north of Mozambique and is another world, all on its own.

Pemba town bustles with activity – choose a restaurant to suit your tastes daily. Enjoy this stepping stone for the solitary Quirimbas Islands that dot the Indian Ocean offshore. Ibo Island is a great place to move on to from Pemba if you want to learn more about Mozambique’s past and her local people – visit the ancient ruins and stay in Ibo Island Lodge, true luxury island hotel quality! Click here to read more about Ibo’s culture.

For many travellers, Pemba is a step closer to paradise, a place for aviators, travellers, storytellers and businessmen – a place with a Portuguese flavour and right on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Pick a hotel to suit your tastes when you land for the first time in Pemba and be stunned by the wonderful location, the view from your room over the ocean, and the full moon if you are lucky.

Wake in your Pemba hotel for a walk or a run on the beach, dip into transparent turquoise waters, have breakfast with all kinds of travellers then later, indulge in yummy Portuguese wine with the best shrimp rolls ever tasted.

Pemba Beach Hotel is a good hotel to start or end a trip. Charming and luxurious, it is part of a stunning and unforgettable paradise. The service is good and the seafood divine. It is always pleasant to get up in the morning at Pemba Beach Hotel, sit on your private balcony and have the first coffee of the day as the sun shines on the ocean. Enjoy a workout at the fully equipped gym. Family villas boast every mod con imaginable and kids love the golf carts and infinity pool.

Travel seven kilometres on, to Chuiba Bay Lodge, where six elegant bungalows nestle in the dunes above a pristine Mozambique beach. Built from traditional and environmentally friendly materials, this luxurious hotel accommodation blends into its earth surrounds. From here, you can explore the region and indulge in a range of exciting water sports.

Kite surfers usually book beds at IL Pirata where three en-suite bungalows cater for every need. Get there by 4×4 only and learn to kite surf in warm waters with one of the gurus of this sport. Spend hours in the fantastic restaurant hiding in the sand dunes on Murrebue beach where everything has been constructed in tune with the pristine environment.

You will feel as if you are the only people on earth when you book one of these self-contained cabins – families love the privacy and the fun time they have here, in paradise. Stone House is for groups of holidaymakers who want it all from an elevated position – enjoy pretty gardens and views from this designer villa!

Whichever Mozambique hotel you choose, island lodge or city hotel, you will love Pemba and her links to the Quirimbas Archipelago. Book your Pemba hotel today by chatting to one of our great consultants. 

Not in ones wildest dreams would one believe that such a wonderful place exists. Undeniably a lost paradise in the Indian Ocean. I feel we have been steeped in Ibo’s history and culture and guilty pleasure of staying in this beautiful colonial lodge filled with staff who have surpassed the word service, they have provided us a haven of personality, generosity and damn good food and wine! From collecting fine porcelain pieces on the beach, moonlit walks, sunset dhow trips and crab claws. This has been a truly memorable trip. “A life not reflected on is a life not lived, I feel I have lived on Ibo!!

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