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Obrigado Amigo & Bom Dia!

Thank you friend and good morning. You will be saying these Portugeuse words quite often when you arrive on Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago of Mozambique. For you will meet some of the friendliest people in Africa, on one of the most beautiful islands you have ever seen. As you fly from Pemba airport in a small charter plane, keep your eyes peeled for the tiny island of Ibo, a gem of a holiday destination where time seems to stand still.

Ibo Island Aerial View

Escape to a Storybook Wonderland

This is the kind of escape you have been dreaming of, a place lost in time, stuck in another era where people are so kind and genuine and where the scenery smacks you full on in the chest and leaves you breathless. Yes, Ibo Island is a force of nature and of genuine beauty. A destination where colour, aromas, sounds and sensations take on new energy – sensuous and real, Ibo Island will drag you back again and again.

Ibo Island Aerial View

Special Deal Just for You

Why not book a special deal today where you get to enjoy all of Ibo Island – its people, its history and its scenic beauty – and stay in the luxurious comfort of Ibo Island Lodge? Stay for 5 nights and only pay for 4 nights at the great rate of US$ 1 340 per person sharing. And this all includes:

  • Pemba departure tax on transfers
  • Refreshing cocktail on arrival
  • All meals daily (drinks excluded)
  • Daily boat excursions per person to Ibo Island’s best kept secret… the sand bank beach
  • Unlimited guided island historical tours – discover the history
  • Unlimited guided Ibo of today cultural experiences – get to know the people
  • Ibo silversmith jewellery experience
  • A private location dinner including a bottle of house wine
  • Morning coffee/tea brought to your room with a smile!
  • Medical evacuation insurance

Hundreds of Years of History

When you land at Ibo, you will immediately be at the mercy of her history  – in a positive way – as it surrounds you and needs to tell its story. For 500 years, this blob of land was the most important trading post in the Indian Ocean during the 18th century. Can you believe that the island was made into a fort as far back as 1609? When the Portuguese left the island at the beginning of the 20th century, their buildings slowly eroded into the ruins you see today. Ruins with character that is.

Ibo Island Aerial View

Meet the Friendly Locals

The best thing to do on Ibo Island, after a lavish breakfast, it to meet the local people  who smile all the while and sayObrigado Amigo” and “Bom Dia” a lot. They too want to chat to you in English so you end up sharing something of your life with them, and they of their life with you. Wander around the ruins, play a game of soccer or take a boat ride to a neighbouring island to meet those people too – or no people at all if you go to one of the really deserted Mozambican isles nearby. Paradise, this is, for sure.

Ibo Island Aerial View

Feel the Island

Yes, Ibo is a living, breathing, and vibrant island. One of the most unique aspects of staying at Ibo Island Lodge is the opportunity to understand Mozambique’s culture and heritage – a real African culture that has not been dressed up for tourism. Here you can be a part of the rhythm of the island and spend as much time within the community as you feel comfortable with.

Indulge in Hotel Comforts

And you can also be pampered at the spa, on the moonlit terrace and in the restaurant. You will sleep like a baby at night in soft linens on huge beds and awaken to the aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans when you awake.

Don’t miss this opportunity for the world! Chat to one of our consultants to make your booking. Faz favour and boa tarde (Excuse me and good afternoon)…til we meet again.

Our too brief stay at your lodge was magical and an experience that will remain with us. Not only was the service excellent, but also you made us feel as if we were a member of your Ibo Island family. We are most impressed by the positive contribution you have made to the local communities, and the preservation of the local culture. We return home with treasured memories and look forward to returning to this magical place.

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