Mozambique's Best Island

Mozambique’s Best Island

Why on earth would Ibo Island be Mozambique’s Best Island?

What a very special place is Ibo Island – a place of almost fantastical natural resources and unreal sunsets into deep blue seas. Ibo Island is different from the other Quirimbas Archipelago islands because it supports a population of some 3 000 local people. They are part of the island’s ancient history which dates back to 600 AD when Arab traders arrived in Mozambique on their ships to set up trading routes from whence slaves, gold and ivory were shipped to the Arab world.

And Ibo Island is different from Bazaruto Archipelago islands further south which are larger and more scarce, and closer to civilisation. The Ibo of today is picturesque and simple, charming and addictive. It has even been nominated for World Heritage to ensure protection of its valuable culture and history!

North of Pemba, stretching along the Mozambique coastline, the Quirimbas string of islands is mostly unpopulated and environmentally pristine. Eleven of these islands fall into the Quirimbas National Park which preserves their rich marine and land wildlife and habitats.

Island accommodation in the Quirimbas is usually luxurious and tasteful, leaving nothing to the imagination. Think private villas on the beach, sumptuous food, stunning views, world class service and diverse, fun activities. To see more of Ibo Island and find out why it is probably Mozambique’s best island of all time, stay at Ibo Island Lodge and get to know more about the people and their history.

Wander through the rooms and out to the stunning gardens with their two swimming pools and blooming bougainvilleas. Sit on the rooftop deck to watch the fishing boats come in, cold drink in hand, as the sky turns coppery-crimson. A haven of peace is Ibo Island Lodge. In the rooms, guests are treated to outside showers, private terraces, quality linen and furniture.

Enjoy a romantic candle-lit picnic on the beach and a massage at the pampering spa. Fantastic snorkelling, excellent scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins – now that is what you would call a Mozambique island holiday of note!

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