Ibo Island Mozambique

Mozambique Resorts

A holiday at a Mozambique Resort should be about learning about the country, the culture and the way of life. It should be about leaving your troubles behind and absorbing the environment you find yourself in. In Mozambique, this environment is absolutely beautiful – clear blue skies, turquoise seas, pristine white sandy beaches and marine wildlife to astound and mystify.

Many resorts in Mozambique are very luxurious and believe that the customer is always right – service is top quality and facilities often exceed all expectations. When you stay at Ibo Island Lodge in the Quirimbas Archipelago, for example, you will be served amazing huge lobsters, fresh prawns or crab and fresh line fish. It is a good idea to accept the offer to catch the dhow safari out to the tidal sandbank for a late breakfast under a tent while you snorkel and tan or just sit.

Staying in any Mozambique Resorts will be fabulous. You will stay in interesting places run by interesting people and you will laugh a lot. Watch incredible sun rises and even better sun sets, the cycle of a great time. The Quirimbas Archipelago is a land of serenity, as if it is stuck in the past and Ibo Island is the centre of this.
It has been called a dream place from a lost world – from the magnificent sunsets and the mangroves to the village walks, the old forts and the lighthouse at the tip of the island. The Ibo Island Resort fits in so perfectly with its century old buildings, its tasteful decor harking back to India and beyond, plus the incredible setting with bougainvilla blossoms to frame every picture you take.

The lodge has been lovingly restored over the years and is designed to incorporate as many of the original features of Mozambique’s architecture as it can. All rooms are all individually designed, reflecting the island’s history and original architecture – simple yet elegant, with splashes of opulence.
Resorts that work well with Ibo include Azura Quilalea in a wonderful package combination of tropical island paradise meeting cultural experiences; or the eco friendly Guludo Beach Lodge and Nuarro Lodge with their environmental slant to the Mozambique Resort idea.

Mozambique resorts deeper inside Africa offer unique beach-bush experiences with Ibo Island Lodge – take Nkwichi on the shores of Lake Malawi or Lugenda Camp in the remote bushveld of the Niassa National Reserve. Experience some of the last wild places in their beautiful contrasts of landscape and people.

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