Mozambique Islands

Wherever you choose to stay in Mozambique, an island holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago is one of your best bets – think azure seas, dazzling beaches, swaying palm trees and choice seafood every day. Ibo Island is one of the best island destinations for you if you love history, culture and romance, all in one.

So pack your bags and find island accommodation to allow your own complete escape from real life into beach-ocean heaven. Once known as the ‘Islands of Lazarus’, this northern region of Mozambique boasts untouched coral reefs, tidal sand bars, mangroves and endangered species, including some species of turtles and dolphins.

Ibo Island is a haven of old Portuguese settlements going to ruin but some have been restored, such as Ibo Island Lodge, into fantastic tourist mansions. This string of islands has changed over time as Arab and Portuguese trading posts attracted people and their traditional ways of living. Today, the spectacular Quirimbas Archipelago offers remote, luxurious, romantic accommodation in lodges designed to perfection, with the natural environment in mind.  Find out more about our Ibo combo packages with other Quirimbas islands.

Choose an island of your choice on which you can stay in a luxury lodge, eat fresh seafood daily and start a new hobby such as wind surfing or sailing.

On Quilalea island, five star luxury in only nine villas at Azura Quilalea is the epitome of complete solitude. Snorkel to your heart’s content beside your villa! On Matemo Island, guests fall in love with plush chalets blending into the natural Quirimbas environment: this is a diver’s dream holiday island where fantastic dive sites promise wonderful underwater experiences.

The hotel accommodation at Medjumbe Island Resort consists of 13 charmingly renovated luxurious chalets with en-suite bathrooms, outdoor showers, private sun decks and plunge pools. What more could you want on a tiny private island ideal for honeymoons and water sports?

A Mozambique Island like Vamizi is where you go for peace and relaxation – try bird watching, snorkelling, diving and picnics on deserted beaches. Great food and warm attention from staff make Vamizi a very special destination for honeymoon couples and families.

Island holidays can be windy but then you just adjust and take up wind surfing, sailing or kite surfing.  One side of the islands is usually calmer than the other which makes every day full of fun stuff to do. Walk barefoot but look out for hermit crabs! Book now with one of our consultants.

Ibo Island is one of the most gracious Mozambique islands in the Quirimbas, offering the discerning guest some of the best holiday accommodation ever experienced.

This is the first holiday my wife and I have had with just our family since our honeymoon 17 years ago. Wow what a fitting and special way to spend our treasured week together. Thank-you for making us feel so welcome and for the excellent manner in which you waited upon us. We are humbled and inspired by your work here on Ibo. Thanks for going out of your way to accommodate our son Theo, hope you enjoy his letter he has left you. God Bless you all.

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