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Mozambique Holiday Resorts

There is a huge choice of holiday resorts in Mozambique where fantastic accommodation, wonderful beaches and a range of fun activities greet visitors of all shapes and sizes, budgets and needs. You can have the best holiday ever in this sunny country when you plan carefully and set out to relax and enjoy.

Remember that Mozambique has a history of violence and devastation from its civil war and devastating cyclones and floods. Today, the beaches are mostly operational, dive operators have set up facilities at many resorts and restaurants serve mouth-watering seafood and Portuguese dishes.

The country will always be a draw card for tourists who want to experience the friendly people and their serene, tropical lifestyle. You can find comfortable beach resorts in the city centres like Maputo, Inhambane, Beira, Vilankulo and Pemba. Holiday lodges have been established on peninsulas and nearby islands – think of Machangulo Beach Lodge and Villa Sands, one wild and environmental near Maputo, the other slick and modern on Ilha de Mozambique.

Inhaca Island and the long beach’s between Inhambane and Beira offer amazing eco resorts such as Blue Footprints Eco Lodge near Tofo and Barra beaches where off the grid facilities meet responsible tourism initiatives. Or the two swimming pools and gym that keep guests busy at Chiuba Bay Lodge with its natural Jacuzzi and Talassa Spa for relaxation.

You will find your dream holiday resort anywhere along the lengthy Mozambique coastline or in the Bazaruto or Quirimbas Archipelagos, a short helicopter flip away. For the ultimate in luxury, stay at the exclusive Anantara Bazaruto Lodge and Spa where deluxe facilities include restaurants, bars, swimming pools, exclusive business centre and delicious cuisine.  Chat to one of our consultants about your ideal resort.

Ibo Island in the Quirimbas is a honeymoon haven with impressive wedding venues and romantic accommodation in a centuries-old restored mansion. Guests sink into soft comfortable plantation style chairs and enjoy drinks while absorbing sea or garden views. A traditional silversmith tinkers away in his workshop while guests soak it all in from the popular roof terrace.

Ibo’s Dive Quirimbas is just one diving activity centre that offers diving with dolphins and a range of scuba diving courses. Fishermen will spend days catching and releasing huge fish while kids enjoy every organised activity they can find at Mozambique holiday resorts.

Getting to Mozambique is not difficult –flights land regularly at the main airports and many visitors like to self-drive from bordering African countries.

Dear Ibo Island Lodge Team.
We came to visit this special place on the recommendation of our ornithologist friend & bird guide, Malcolm Wilson, and he is right. Ibo Island Lodge is fantastic! We loved watching the wonders from the roof top of the front, we loved the historical tour with Anli and the sand bank trip with Cosmo (humpback dolphins, humpback whale breaching)… Felicity and her team created a stylish and comfortable atmosphere, and the chef and his team cooked up wonders (crab, prawns, lobster & garden fresh goodies)!
A big thank you to all, and compliments to Rob for ensuring that Ibo Island Lodge is a place we shall want to come back to.
All the best.

Ibo Island Lodge
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