Mozambique Malawi Holiday – Kaya Mawa

Lying 12 km from the Mozambique side of Lake Malawi (or Lake Niassa) you will find a unique luxury lodge called Kaya Mawa on the island of Likoma. The island is inhabited by local people and is owned by Mozambique. Some 9 000 people live here in poverty – their main income is from fishing plus small fields of rice and cassava.

Tourists who come to Kaya Mawa will visit the historical St Peter’s Cathedral in Mbamba town if they wish to learn more about the island – it is huge and more than 100 years old. The lodge has been built by hand mostly from stone and wood and is a well-recognised Malawian/Mozambican destination of choice.

There are 12 accommodation options ranging from standard and premium suites to houses and family houses – all named after one of the local villages and all boasting extremely splendid views of the lake. Come to Kaya Mawa for romance, elegance and a culture to explore.

The people are really friendly which means visitors can wonder around along dirt roads to markets and the cathedral, the textiles factory or a community project supported by the lodge. Mountain-biking is a great way to get around!
Kaya Mawa sounds a lot like Ibo Island Lodge in the Quirimbas Archipelago, where local people were also trained to build the lodge then hired to become friendly efficient staff. Both hotels support the communities around them and both hotels want to give back to the people who come from these respective destinations.

Why don’t you book a combo holiday package to Kaya Mawa and Ibo Island Lodge where you can experience an inland and an ocean experience all in one? Likoma Island Divers partner with Kaya Mawa to provide PADI courses to visitors – or simply don that mask and enjoy fresh water snorkelling in calm bays. Diving at Ibo Island Lodge is also full of wonder and delight where divers of all skills can get to see manta rays, whale sharks and plenty of game fish.On both islands, you can go sailing, kayaking and mountain biking. Water skiing on Lake Malawi is exhilarating and instructors will have you on your feet soon! Both lodges serve food fresh from the gardens of their local communities and fishermen – a way of life you just have to experience first-hand.

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