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One of the most beautiful countries in the world is also a hidden gem; East Africa’s Mozambique is a stunning place featuring some of the very finest holiday destinations in the world, and now is the time to go. Among the very finest resorts is Ibo Island Lodge, a simply stunning and tranquil place where you can experience genuine seclusion on an amazing white sand beach. As the acknowledged experts n Mozambique travel we know the resort better than anyone, and we guarantee that you get the best deals with us.

Bedroom-Interior-Ibo-Island-Lodge-What is so special about the award-winning Ibo Island Lodge? The location is just one part of the equation, for this is a fine example of excellent accommodation with luxuriously finished sleeping and living quarters. You look out across the beautiful beach to the ocean, with guaranteed wonderful weather, and the friendly welcome is second to none. Diving and snorkelling off the beach are recommended, as the Quirimbas Archipelago – of which Ibo Island is just one of many islands – features some of the most exquisite marine life around its shores, and superb coral reefs to explore.

Booking your holiday in Ibo Island Lodge with us brings you many benefits, not least the promise of the very best deals around. We can arrange all transfers and are proud of our reputation as the leading light in Mozambique travel packages. We can also book you a fascinating dhow safari from the island which allows you to explore other islands in the group, and also to dive off the dhow and experience the wonders of the Quirimbas National Park. Whatever you want from your Ibo Island experience we can help with.

With a team of expert travel consultants who are familiar with Ibo Island lodge waiting to help you book the perfect holiday you can be assured you have come to the right place, and if you wish to explore more of Mozambique during your visit we are here to help. We can arrange a beach and bush package that allows you to stay on the island and take a safari on the mainland, an experience that you will never forget. Why not get in touch right now? One of our team will call you back very soon and help book a dream holiday at Ibo Island Lodge.

Sitting overlooking this view one cannot imagine or prepare oneself for such a beautiful Island . I have trodden here humbly, the dawn and dusk both mystical the pace of life here reinstalls belief in human nature. The sand bank is a world apart, magnifying the beauty of the ocean in one small and shifting fragile place. Such beauty is what happens here in Ibo. Never lose what is here now ! Never let the magic at Ibo escape from the bottle I know when I boarded the air link flight at Johannesburg . The magic was beginning but arriving at Ibo and all that I have seen smelt , touched heard here has have been beyond a dream . I have visited many beautiful places and only a few have stolen my heart. Ibo Island lodge and its people, history and culture did. It is truly spectacular.

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