Mozambique Accommodation

Many Mozambique Accommodation Packages include fantastic trips to the Quirimba’s or Bazaruto Archipelago – islands in the stream, romantic and wild, secluded and pristine!

Ibo Island is but one of 32 islands in Ilhas Quirimba’s that offers visitors sublime accommodation in a lodge still reflecting the history and culture of the region. Island accommodation in this isolated and protected region include Ibo Island Lodge, Azura Quilalea, Vamizi Island Lodge, Matemo Island Resort and Medjumbe Private Island.

Luxury, decadence and extreme beauty – choose from family holidays on the beach, romantic retreats, diving and fishing or 4×4 packages for the more adventurous. Mozambique Accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Discover the amazing dive sites of the Bazaruto and Archipelago or the beaches and fascinating colonial architecture and markets of Inhambane, Maputo and Vilankulo.

Mozambique holiday accommodation options include a diverse range of private islands, luxury resorts, hotels, lodges, beach safaris and yacht charter sailing holidays for the international and local traveller.

Quirimba accommodation includes romantic thatched chalets set right at the water’s edge, palatial private villas and intimate boutique hotels which all offer unbeatable locations, facilities and activities.

In a nutshell, Mozambique boasts world class luxury lodges set amongst lush vegetation, with direct access to white pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Coral reefs, game fish, amazing sunsets and stars at night – the complete holiday package!

Visitors to Mozambique hotels will find accommodation that offers every kind of water sport imaginable, spa treatments, hikes and bird watching. At places like Ibo Island, interaction with the local people is tops and immersion into the ancient history of the region.

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