Quirimba holiday package

Mobile island hopping with Kayak Quirimbas

When you join a mobile island hopping kayaking safari with Kayak Quirimbas, you are bound to see the best of the Quirimbas Archipelago and you make your base the award-winning Ibo Island Lodge. This way, you combine the best of two worlds – a getting back to nature excursion and camping on islands under the stars merged with luxurious accommodation and fine dining at Ibo Island Lodge. Ask us about our special package rates, the best in Mozambique!

Kayak Quirimbas uses stable fibre glass kayaks which are light and easy to learn how to use – novices will soon be exploring the mangroves on their own and feeling really comfortable as you all paddle in a group. Start your mobile island hopping kayak safari around Ibo Island, famous for its secret sand bank beach that appears only at low tide, and then, once you have moved from novice to expert, paddle to the next island and camp the night there under the stars.

It is great to become a part of the Quirimba way of life – you could even call this responsible tourism because your impacts on your surrounding environment are minimal and you get to immerse yourself in nature and the local communities’ way of life. Your kayak safari with Kayak Quirimbas starts and ends at Ibo Island Lodge and can be enjoyed north to south or south to north so that you get the best out of your chosen package deal.

Either way, you experience the remote and beautiful Mogundula Island – small and lying just four kilometres off the mainland of northern Mozambique, it is an uninhabited tropical paradise, offering a chic castaway spot to those who want to escape from it all. This small haven boasts two secluded beaches, a lake and beautiful coral reefs. It is also home to some of the most unspoiled and unexplored ecosystems in the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy a completely private lunch on Mogundula Island – soak up the incredible tropical beauty then doze under the shade of a cluster of coconut trees. Ibo chefs will cook up a storm for you on the open fire – enjoy freshly baked bread when you awaken with your steaming cup of coffee! All diets will be catered for but seafood is the speciality. Hunger will strike after a kayaking expedition as often you will find the winds are against you and you have to work extra hard to get from A to B. Fit guests will do plenty of paddling around the islands and pristine mangrove forests. Can you kayak 18 kilometres in three hours? What an adventure!

Your pro Kayak Quirimbas guides will show you the world of birds and marine wildlife, coconut crabs and remarkable coral reefs where you can stop and snorkel. They will also teach you about the clear night skies as the stars are numerous and bright. One of the best parts of your mobile island hopping kayak safari is meeting the people of the Quirimbas, meeting fellow guests around the fire in nature, and learning more about this part of Mozambique. Staying at Ibo Island Lodge at the end wins first prize, something to look forward to while you are “roughing it”!

We cannot recommend this kind of holiday enough – choose your tailor made special kayaking holiday package with us and we will remove all the stress from your planning. Families will rebond after a holiday on the water, learning how to handle these slick fibreglass boats and how to race each other to the next destination! Come on, contact one of our consultants before it is too late! Your kayaking holiday, run by Ibo island lodge and Kayak Quirimbas, will create fabulous memories and photos that your children will remember forever.


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