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Mesmerizing Ibo Island Lodge

The Quirimbas Archipelago has perhaps some of the best offerings when it comes to holiday accommodation in Mozambique, but none provides that romantic touch of old world charm than mesmerizing Ibo Island Lodge. Imagine being cosseted in luxury and elegance, within the walls of an ancient building that dates back over three centuries ago? A holiday at this stunning lodge on Ibo Island will make that fantasy a reality.

Quirimbas AccommodationIbo Island Lodge is a wonderful destination for family holidays with lovely gardens where children can play. Its Idyllic location, far from the mainland lures travelers in search of a place to simply let loose and forget the rigors of everyday existence. The lodge is positioned in front of a tidal bay that will enchant you with its fantastic display of color and ever-changing scenes. There is no better place for relaxation than at Ibo Island Lodge.

The lodge, together with its PADI dive and activity centre combine to make one premium dive resort. When you book your dive package through Dive Quirimbas, you will have access to seven local dive sites, plus two additional sites on Rolas and Mogundula islands. In addition to offering dive courses, the centre also affords guests the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Experience a mobile island hopping dhow safari, an exciting expedition for the intrepid explorer that is only available at Ibo Island Lodge.

Discover Ibo best kept secret – a sandbank beach in the middle of the Indian Ocean! This pristine beach appears when the tide retreats and is accessible by boat transfers. Other activities available for your amusement included guided historical tours, which will take you to the local village and the local silversmiths who to this day still use the same age-old methods of making silver trinkets.


  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • PADI dive centre
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Spa
  • Gardens


  • Snorkeling
  • Daily transfer to a sandbank beach
  • Scuba diving
  • Guided historical tours

Arrange your holiday with the experts in traveling Mozambique. We have been in the business of selling holiday packages in the country for over twenty years, we know Mozambique really well and are best placed to assist you with whatever you need. Get in touch with our friendly consultants and they will help you plan your dream holiday today!

Dear Rob, Glyn, Ibo the dog & The Ibo team

Thank you for showing us heaven on the earth with this outstanding island IBO!
Especially the birthday dinner on the beach makes our stay unforgettable. We enjoyed the historical and cultural tours very much. We already saw a lot of the world but IBO is really something special, something outstanding which is with getting the world heritage certification.

All the best to the Ibo Team …you’re blessed with this wonderful place on earth. We will be back!

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