Have you ever thought of combining a holiday in the romantic islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago with a break on Lake Malawi? Mozambique and Malawi are both still largely untouched by modernisation with local people still living simple lives and the natural environment is conserved to some extent. Staying on the shores of Lake Malawi on the Mozambican side means that guests can also explore Likomo Island and take flights to the rest of Malawi or back to Mozambique.

Start that Mozambique holiday of a lifetime when you book tickets first to Ibo Island Lodge for five nights, then you transfer to Lake Malawi, via Nampula to Nkwichi Lodge for another five nights.

At Nkwichi Lodge you will discover a different side of Africa, steeped in tranquility and gentle pursuits. Take it easy – swimming, snorkelling or fishing from a traditional dugout canoe, or simply lounging on your private sandbank beach.

Ibo Island Lodge boasts three colonial mansion beautifully restored and a radiating a thousand years of history. It cleverly combines luxurious colonialism with contemporary village-island life and days of long ago. The lodge works closely with the island people to ensure their sustainable future while at Nkwichi, their unique, all-embracing approach to tourism over the last 15 years means that the lodge is intrinsically linked to the surrounding communities and their natural environment.

On Ibo Island you will get a complimentary guided historical tour and a daily transfer to a private sandbank to snorkel and chill while at Nkwichi you will indulge in free non-motorised water sports. What a great combo holiday package deal!

You will love the five star attention to detail in both Mozambique and Malawi lodges – Africa permeates both along with other influences that are part of their unique settings.

Nkwichi offers tourists a choice of eight secluded beaches on four kilometers of lake coastline and is a freshwater refuge where diving and snorkelling are very popular. The Mozambique-Malawi experience offers tourists a unique taste of Africa in her different coats – beach style relaxation in tune with nature and her people. The activities and highlights at Ibo Island Lodge and Nkwichi Lodge are similar yet surprisingly unique.

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