kitesurfing quirimbas

Kite Surfing in the Quirimbas

Have kite, will surf! Get your kitesurfing overdose in the windy Quirimbas

Kitesurfing is a relatively ‘new’ sport in Mozambique and the best place to be for this trend is the Quirimbas Archipelago north of Pemba. There is no reason why kite surfers cannot do their thing on Ibo Island, as long as the wind is right.

Kite surfers talk about their two main seasons: the rainy season is when the Kasi Kasi, or north-easterly trade winds, blow.  When it rains in short, sharp bursts, the winds stop. So during the months of November to March, the wind is an average of 14 to 22 knots and rarely gusty. The swells are regular and unvarying unless a cyclone is brewing and they grow into massive waves – during January and February.

Cusi winds, fast rides

The big kitesurfing season is when the big winds blow from April to September. These south-easterly trade winds, or Cusi, average 20 knots and there is no associated rain or cyclones; the swells remain constant.

When the winds stop completely for 2 to 3 days at a time, kite surfing fanatics are forced to take a break and try fishing or diving instead!

Whatever the weather, temperatures remain in the range of a balmy 30 degrees Celsius and the 200 nautical miles of Quirimbas Archipelago ocean space is paradise for kite surfers. The western side of the islands also features reef breaks while the eastern sides are protected – ideal conditions for pro kite surfers!

Emerging kitesurfing destination

Quisiva Island offers a certified kite surfing school for those who are beginners and want to take lessons with a qualified instructor. All Quirimbas Archipel kitesurfing holidays are custom-made to suit the visitor’s needs. Each kite surfer must bring his / her own kite and gear from home as well as a wetsuit, despite the warm air.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is an emerging kiting destination in some of the most radical island and marine scenery in Africa. The region is relatively uninhabited which means kite surfers are still scarce and the choice of venue is wide open.


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