Ibo Island. Mozambique

Island Weddings in Mozambique

Why should you get married in Mozambique, on Ibo Island?

Planning a wedding in Mozambique is simple but one needs to choose the perfect location: island, beach or bush? For those who love the sea and the sun, an island wedding in the Quirimbas Archipelago offers couples the perfect wedding setting.

Get married with your bare feet in the sand, your eyes reflecting the setting sun and the wind breezing through the long fronds of the coconut palms. Stay longer on the island of your choice for a honeymoon in paradise you will never forget.

Ibo Island Lodge is a great place to tie the knot as the island itself is so magical and romantic with its ancient architecture still visible, its friendly local people and the waterfront setting of the ancient mansions now restored into a luxury island hotel.

Ancient church or tidal sand bank ceremony?

Several ideal venues can be selected by brides and grooms, to ensure they get the most out of this serene setting: the old Stone Town Square and Cathedral of Ibo Island, a beach wedding on the secret hidden sand bank beach, the lodge’s rooftop terrace, or its lush tropical gardens.

Built in the 1700′s, the island’s Catholic Church with its tower and old brass bells offers a truly special old world church atmosphere. Couples can also use the ancient forts and Stone Town square with their grand old buildings and intricate special features.

Depending on the weather and the tides, couples can commit to each other on the magical Ibo sandbank. Guests sit under shady Bedouin style tents while the bridal couple stands under a pretty canopy of palm fronds.

Terrace or gardens, that is the question!

Another fantastic venue is the Bela Vista roof terrace which faces the setting sun overlooking the bay and mangroves beyond – a wonderful intimate ceremony in the fresh air, the sky painted orange.

A bit lower down but equally picturesque are the Ibo Island Lodge gardens blooming with frangipangi blossoms and spectacular bougainvilleas. Birds sing and the swimming pool forms a great backdrop as the sun sets.

Ibo Island Lodge is the perfect venue for an exotic and unique Mozambique island wedding. Guests stay in intimate colonial style accommodation for smaller wedding parties and guests. Choose an amazing wedding feast complete with seafood and meat grilled on open fires.

Book that out of this world Mozambique wedding on Ibo Island today.

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