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Guludo Beach Lodge in Mozambique is one of those environmentally friendly Mozambique resorts that offers it all – fantastic elegant cabanas made from natural materials and the best diving you could wish for. The resort has an excellent dive center running a full range of PADI dive courses for complete beginners to experienced divers.

And most visitors will smile when they hear they can learn archery! With 12km of the beach, it is the perfect location for traditional archery. Pick up a bow and arrow and try to hit the hand-crafted target – your children will love the challenge and the staff will regale you with tales of how they hunted with these primitive weapons.

And if it is people you are interested in, then why not combine your holiday at Guludo Beach Lodge with a luxurious experience at the sumptuous Ibo Island Lodge on Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago? 

The perfect Mozambique Holiday package shared with Guludo Beach Lodge and Ibo Island Lodge showcases all that Mozambique has to offer. Both are located against the backdrop of the Quirimbas National Park, with pristine ocean-frontage. The luxurious, eco-friendliness of Guludo Lodge is the perfect match for your stay at Ibo Lodge.

Here, you can take some time out from relaxing on the beach to view the Big Five, or spend the day learning the ropes at the on-site PADI dive center. Then, after another day filled with highlights, you can adjourn to Elephant Lookout where you may be lucky enough to marvel at more than just the magnificent African sunset.

Stay in rustic rooms or band with locally made terracotta floors and natural walls and thatched roofs. Hand-built by a locally trained work force, traditional building methods merge with contemporary green ethics resulting in luxury and comfort without the attitude. Get your morning coffee passed through a hatch in the wall while you sit on your wide veranda (with hammocks).

Families will love the island trips and snorkeling adventures which are very safe and great fun. Stay at least a week and just enjoy. Take your children into the local villages as well and maybe they will join in a game of football with local children!

Ibo Island Lodge is also closely connected to the local people and their traditional lifestyle. A combination package holiday therefore to Guludo Beach Lodge and Ibo Island Lodge will make your holiday really worthwhile

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