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Gorongosa National Park

Considered ‘the greatest naturalist of our time’ by the National Geographic Society, Professor Edward O. Wilson was at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique this year to open the first ever biodiversity research facility in the country. The park has made huge strides in regaining its lost biodiversity during nearly a century of agonising history.

When it was first established in 1920, Gorongosa was a small 1 000 square kilometre hunting reserve, and in 1960 the government increased its area to 5 300 square kilometres and declared it a National Park.

In 1994, when the first wildlife survey was carried out since the civil war, there were only 100 elephants and very little antelope and the large grazers and predators had vanished! During the following years, everything was done to relocate animals from South Africa to boost the wildlife populations of this incredibly beautiful park.

Gorongosa is a place of extreme beauty, diverse ecosystems and fine wildlife. Today, one could say that Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park is Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story ever! The Gorongosa Restoration Project has partnered with the Mozambique Government to bring the park to the people. Not only do tourists benefit from seeing some of Africa’s last remaining wildlife icons, but so too do local people get a chance to enter the park and learn more about their heritage.

Human archaeological findings in the park date as far back as 300 000 BC! Lions have been reintroduced to Gorongosa and research work is ongoing to ensure these essential predators are restored to their full capacity in the park.

A great way to visit the Gorongosa National Park is to combine this exquisite bush holiday with an island holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Ibo Island Lodge offers a unique bush-beach package, including accommodation and transfers, where guests stay for three nights at Ibo Island Lodge and then four nights at Kubatana Camp in Gorongosa.

Kubatana Camp is a luxury six tent safari camp in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park,  on the Muscadizi River banks, offering an exceptional experience for those wanting to visit one of the most bio-diverse parts of Africa.
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Dear Ibo Island Team

We are so sad to be leaving. You’ve developed such a fantastic spot. We’ve been privileged to spend the past 7 days with you here on the island and at Quirimizi and Mogundula. Cosmo was a superb guide, and the team made us feel so welcome, comfortable and well fed. We’ve been loved every second. The lodge is perfect. Somehow it’s even better than it was 5 years ago. We’ll back as soon as we’ve lost the extra kgs we’ve picked up during the trip!!!. Ibo will be dreaming about you from Jozi. Muito Obrigado. Nichikuro Pakulu and many Thanks.

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