Air Transfer over the Quirimbas Archipelago

Flights into Ibo Island are Spectacular

Flights to Ibo Island are short and spectacular. You can get to the Quirimbas Archipelago directly from Pemba, from the International Airport by private charter or from the harbor by boat. The best part about your holiday in Mozambique is the thrill of the traveling – from your country of residence to Mozambique, then from your main arrival port to your dream island holiday destination. In this case, Ibo Island is waiting to stun you and become part of that special file of memories you keep when you need rejuvenation and happiness.

Private charter flights over the Indian Ocean

Planning your holiday to Ibo Island includes booking your flights so that you can coincide your international arrival with your private charter to Ibo Island Lodge. Do whatever it takes to arrive at your divine Quirimbas Archipelago destination during daylight hours to see the magic all around you – clear blue skies seamlessly joining bright turquoise oceans and so much space you want to shout it out.
Book your return charter flights from Pemba land for around US$465 per person. You will land at Ibo’s tiny airstrip which is a short drive from the lodge. You will first arrive at Pemba International Airport clear customs and immigration formalities before meeting your Ibo Island Lodge representative. He will escort you to the private airplane which is shared by other lodges in the region.

The magic begins from the air

Arriving on Ibo Island is a magical experience in itself. From the moment you step into the small airplane in Pemba and absorb the magnificent views of the stunning islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago from above, your adventure of a lifetime begins.
Marvel at the mesmerizing colors of the Indian Ocean and the lush, green islands surrounded by white sandy beaches when flying through the clouds. Looking down, you may see whales or other marine creatures in their natural habitat. From the very first step you take on Ibo Island, you feel the tranquillity and simplicity of the Quirimbas region, the essence of the island.

Discover a gem lost in time

It is true what they say about Ibo – the island feels so remote, so untouched by the modern world that it is lost in time, a gemstone sparkling with innocence and agelessness. Slowly, visitors from all over the world are realizing that this magical destination exists and they want to see her, discover her history, her community and explore her many outdoor activities.
You will be glad to know that the grassy airstrip at Ibo Island is always in good condition to ensure a smooth landing! You fly from Pemba, one of Mozambique’s main airports which feature daily flights from Johannesburg, Dar Es Salaam, and Nairobi.

Meet and greet and relax

A representative from Ibo Island Lodge will give you a warm island welcome at the airstrip and drive you by car to your accommodation. Look around at the people as you drive, seeing their simple and fascinating way of life as you pass through the village of waving, happy children and adults.
Stay in the luxury of Ibo Island Lodge with its elegant, chic accommodation which will take your breath away. A magnificently restored mansion, echoing the history of the island some 300 years ago – be pampered with the quality silk and cotton linen, the antique furniture and the deluxe en-suite bathrooms.

Book your adventure on Ibo Island today – flights can be arranged in tandem with your island holiday in paradise.

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