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Exotic spa treatments at Ibo Island Lodge

Mozambique definitely has that aura of romance and indulgence, decadent getting away from it all kind of feeling and that is why we are promoting the ultimate spa treatments at Ibo Island Lodge. Exotic therapies and ingredients, handed down over generations, are now yours for the pampering. At Ibo Island Lodge, you are not just any guest, you are our special guest.

For generations the island community of Ibo, deep in the heart of the Quirimbas Archipelago, has been using certain plants and herbs to enhance their health and their cooking. Now, their knowledge has been passed on and the highly qualified therapists at Ibo Island Lodge are using exotic spa treatments to make all guests feel happy. Imagine feeling peace of mind, of body and of spirit? We can organise this for you.

Quirimbas holidaysWhy don’t you book a special holiday package with us, for Ibo Island Lodge and we will ensure you get a few exotic spa treatments thrown in? In the comfort of your own luxurious room, enjoy a warming massage, or body scrub or traditional Mozambique Musiro face mask. Your massage incorporates fit handwork and wonderful oils made from herbs and flowers, used by Mozambican mothers through the ages. Your natural body scrub is of coarse sea salt and lemon grass grown on the island. What could be better than lying prone, facing the sea and feeling your body change within and without?

Your white face mask is worn by the Mwani women of Ibo every day and during the Muslim rites of Ramadam and has the same effects as a beauty facial. And young women who are about to get married are expected by tradition to wear this mask to show that they are still virgins and that their skin is soft and healthy! This is a daily beauty routine used by many women in northern Mozambique and you can try it too.

Imagine a full body massage with coconut oil, taking a pampering 60 minutes? This is a truly blissful treat that will leave you feeling refreshed and calm at the same time. Sit in the glorious garden at Ibo Island Lodge afterwards, admiring the crimson bougainvilleas and the scented frangipani with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Mozambique holidaysYour feet carry you around all day and need some time out too! Try the back and foot massage also with coconut oil to ease those stressed out muscles or maybe you would prefer the hand and foot treatment which also makes clever use of the Musiro paste. Your hands will never feel like this again – deeply moisturised, soft and revived.

Yes we can help you re-ignite your body and soul, your relationships and your purpose in life. If you are a honeymoon couple on Ibo Island, we can ensure that your love never dies – just book in with our honeymoon special package and you will get a complimentary exotic spa treatment for the two of you! Stay for five nights or more and your bride gets 50% discount off her accommodation and if you stay seven nights or more the groom gets one free night! Come on book with us now to experience this bliss at Ibo Island Lodge.

This is my second time to Ibo and it is even more beautiful than I remember. The people are wonderful and the lodge is spectacular. I hope the development continues and it continues to benefit the community of Ibo. Thanks for being such great hosts

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