Quirimbas diving

Dolphin safari

Imagine coming face to face with a real dolphin underwater and not feeling any fear, only awe and admiration? This kind of surreal experience is waiting for you at Ibo Island Lodge which now promises you the opportunity to embark on a once in a lifetime dolphin safari. This is a truly magical and rare experience that memories are made of.

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Spend a wonderful relaxing morning at Ibo Island Lodge, preparing for your meeting with the ethereal dolphins who swim around Ibo Island. Then aprofessional guide and boat captain will take you to the home of the dolphins by speedboat, an approximate 15-20 minute journey. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the breeze and stunning view of the Quirimbas islands.


When you reach your destination in shallow, turquoise and warm waters a pod of up to 30 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins will rise up to greet you as they swirl and swim in their watery playground home off the coast of Ibo Island.

You may forget to breathe as you watch these amazing mammals surfacing around you and, if you are lucky, jumping high and playfully above the water. When you are ready your guide will help you don your mask, snorkel and fins then assist you to enter the water – and this is where the magic starts.

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Some days the dolphins are just chilling, swimming around together as a big family and allowing you to follow and observe them from the surface. Other days you can see them socialize and play around with each other, picking up sticks and rocks from the bottom as they teasingly bite each other’s fins and tails while surfacing and curiously looking at you once in a while – if they don’t invite you to play along by handing you the stick, that is!


Wild dolphins are real, and in their natural environment, you never know how many you will see, whether they are socializing and playing around or whether they are busy feeding or mating. But isn’t that just part of the beauty? No matter what these dolphins are up to, they are guaranteed to put you in a fantastic mood and give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.

Before setting out, divers first need to learn a bit about dolphins and their behaviour and what responsible interaction really means. Then the briefing on boat safety and marine life and you are ready to plunge right in! Ibo Island Lodge uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct to dive with dolphins – specifically created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach.

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Dive Quirimba’s activity centre is very proud to be an Ethical Marine Mammal Campaigner in Mozambique which supports the Dolphincare code of conduct. With the help of The Dolphin Centre crew in Ponta Do Ouro we make sure that both your experience and the dolphin’s best interests are being catered for.

Please note that Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins. Combine your swim with the dolphins with a snorkelling experience to see myriad fish in all their glorious colours, and a guided walk into the mangroves to see unforgettable biodiversity.

Contact Ibo Island Lodge for your tailor made Dive with the Dolphins package deal that includes a few nights in Ibo Island Lodge itself.

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