Villa Sands Ilha de Mozambique

Combining Ilha de Mozambique and the Quirimbas

For a Mozambique holiday with a difference, combining a holiday on Ilha de Mozambique with an adventure into the Quirimbas Archipelago. While Ilha de Mozambique boasts remarkable history and culture to provide you with a holiday oozing with things to do and see, it, unfortunately, lacks great swimming beaches. So you should really visit other islands in the Quirimbas to laze about on white sandy beaches!

Exploring Ilha de Mozambique is easy – it is only three kilometres long and very narrow and connected by a concrete bridge with the mainland. The two towns, Stone Town in the north and the smaller Macuti town in the south – both have significant architecture and cultural traditions.

The best way to explore this floating piece of paradise is to book a special Quirimbas Island Hopping Package combined with other islands such as Quilalea or Medjumbe Private Islands, Ibo or Vamizi Islands. You will then get your fill of culture and outdoor sports, in nature! Click here to read more about our Ibo Island Lodge-Villa Sands combo package.

Once the capital of Mozambique under Portuguese rule, Ilha de Mozambique was a major trading base under the Arabs and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for all of these reasons. Wander along the dusty streets of the gracefully crumbling towns, where children play in the street and women chat in the shade of shuttered villas.

Feel as though you have stepped into a bygone era. Did you know that there are still some volcanic rocks sticking up above the flat landscape of Ilha de Mozambique and therefore mango, papaya and cashew nut trees grow well here in fertile soils? Find some to eat and watch the sun set daily into the sea.

Now combine this with a boat transfer to the astounding Quilalea Private Island, a veritable Mozambique paradise surrounded by rich marine life and an untouched natural environment. Not far away find the tiny Medjumbe Private Island, a space of one kilometre by 500 metres, teeming with birds and fishing opportunities. Active visitors will enjoy the varied ocean-oriented activities and nights revolve around wonderful food.

Couples love snorkelling to see some of the world’s best coral reefs and the Quirimbas Archipelago is known for its extraordinary vertical drop-offs where tropical fish and larger game fish abound. If you visit Vamizi Island, located within a magical marine ecosystem where breeding turtles lay eggs every season in holes in the sand, you will find Samango monkeys, coconut crabs, butterflies and hundreds of endemic bird species in the rich indigenous bush.

So, if you haven’t yet booked your cultural-environmental Quirimbas trip then make a note and do it soon. Combine Ilha de Mozambique with a tour around the Quirimbas! Chat to one of our consultants to plan your special combination Quirimbas break.

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