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Best Mozambique beaches

If you are looking for the best Mozambique beaches, then Ibo Island Lodge should be on your shortlist. A stay at this holiday accommodation in the Quirimbas Archipelago will not only see you cosseted in elegance and comfort, immersed in the romance of an era lost in time; you will find yourself on daily transfers to Ibo’s best kept secret – a sandbank beach!

Mozambique holidaysIbo Island Lodge offers the discerning guests once in lifetime opportunities for the most romantic and truly magical experiences of spending time on an isolated sandbank beach that appears in the middle of the Indian Ocean! This gorgeous, untouched beach is accessible by boat, and unfolds when the tide retreats. Getting to this beach is an adventure in itself as turtles and dolphins are regularly spotted as the boat glides slowly along the way. If you want some privacy, you will be given an umbrella which you will set up on your own chosen spot, but for those who like the camaraderie of fellow guests, the Bedouin tent with its mobile bar is the perfect place to hang out.

Swimming on Ibo Island beaches depends entirely on the tide, which means sometimes there will be water and no sand and vice versa. Ibo Island Lodge hogs a prime setting facing a tidal bay that offers a kaleidoscope of colors and scenes, making it a wonderful spot to relax and wind down. The lodge is accommodated in 3 lovingly restored historic mansions and features superb facilities including three swimming pools and a rooftop terrace restaurant where you can savor the most delectable seafood dishes while you capture spectacular sunsets.


  • PADI dive centre
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • 3 swimming pools
  • Bar
  • Gardens


  • Daily transfer to a sandbank beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Guided historical tours
  • Scuba diving

Book your holiday with Mozambique Travel and save up to 20% on your beach break to Ibo Island Lodge. We are the leading name in Mozambique holidays, and as such have access to the best hotels, beach resorts and lodges. We have a team of expert consultants who are more than happy to help you make your dream holiday come true. Contact us today!


Not in ones wildest dreams would one believe that such a wonderful place exists. Undeniably a lost paradise in the Indian Ocean. I feel we have been steeped in Ibo’s history and culture and guilty pleasure of staying in this beautiful colonial lodge filled with staff who have surpassed the word service, they have provided us a haven of personality, generosity and damn good food and wine! From collecting fine porcelain pieces on the beach, moonlit walks, sunset dhow trips and crab claws. This has been a truly memorable trip. “A life not reflected on is a life not lived, I feel I have lived on Ibo!!

Ibo Island Lodge
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