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Best Diving in the Quirimbas

Experience the best diving in the Quirimbas when you arrive at Ibo Island Lodge in Mozambique. It is like a dream come true – the first thing to greet you is the Dive Quirimbas activity centre. Here, you will also be able to swim with the dolphins, making your Mozambique diving holiday extra special.

Ibo Island and surrounds has some wonderful dive sites that guests rave about. You can book a series of dives as a guest at Ibo Island Lodge, or book a dedicated dive package or a mobile island hopping dive safari – one of the best diving and adventure experiences in Mozambique! Contact one of our consultants today to organise your best dive ever.

Divers need at least a week to discover the myriad dive sites in this region of northern Mozambique. Go back in time at Ilha de Mozambique, off the coast at Nacala, and find the appropriately named Dugong Dive and Watersports Centre. They will take you to see the ‘Big Five’ of the underwater world – shark, dolphin, marlin, turtle and the humpback whale – plus plenty of game fish.

At Ibo Island Lodge, the resident PADI Dive Instructor offers some of the best scuba diving courses to all levels of diver. Definitely the most superior diving at Ibo is at the light house. This long wall dive covers an area of one square kilometre and highlights include angel fish, massive napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, damsel fishes, leaf fish, praying mantis shrimp, ribbon eels and garden eels.

There are some wonderful shallow dives at the 19th century coal steamer wreck just north of the sandbank beach off Ibo. Take a boat out to Matemo and Rolas Islands near Ibo, Cocoons, the fantastic Zala Banks at Mogundula Island. You can take a boat to Matemo Island to explore the famous Matemo Channel and Rush Hour for huge schools of game fish. Not far away, Rolas Island also reveals shallow coral gardens for novice divers or underwater photographers. Find the shy Pipe Fish, Nudibranchs and Crocodile fish!

Some of the best diving in the Quirimbas happens on the reefs at Quilalea Island. From here, you can travel by boat to the famous Saint Lazarus Bank and have the time of your life with 17 dive sites at your disposal.

Some people say that the diving is out of this world at Medjumbe Private Island where pristine coral reefs simply cannot be compared to other dive sites in the world.  Medjumbe will not reveal their dive sites because they are extremely protective of the private Marine reserve that surrounds the island. Find out for yourself – if you stay at Medjumbe, you dive their sites!

A diving holiday at Mozambique’s Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago is the best thing you could do – full of adventure and variety. All around this historical island, divers are treated to up to 30-metre visibility and warm 28 degree Celsius waters.

I have only just arrived back in the UK and thought I ought to add my message of thanks to those you have already received. A magnificent trip…well organised, professionally operated, fascinating, educational and – most importantly – very enjoyable. A huge thank you for all those who extended hospitality….not least Rob and Harris at Ibo Island Lodge. The food at Ibo Island Lodge was truly exceptional. I think makes it the best in the Quirimbas? Congratulations to Rob and the team. You really ought to boast of this – A&K intend to do so. Thanks again for all. I really enjoyed the trip

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