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Best Beach in Mozambique

Have you ever heard of the best sand bank beach in Mozambique? You will find it just off Ibo Island, place of great beauty, its ocean calling guests to swim in her warm waters, to sail atop her white tipped waves and to dive deep to see her treasures. You can wear you swimsuit all day long if you choose when you visit this Quirimbas Archipelago beach!


You can visit this amazing beach in Mozambique when the tide is right. Take a romantic sailing dhow or motor boat to the secret white sand bank, isolated within a clear blue sea. For a few hours, enjoy the unusual solitude, the immediate access to snorkelling paradise and photographic opportunities galore – this is one of the most unique experiences in Mozambique.


This is one of Ibo Island Lodge’s best kept secrets. At low tide, enjoy this beautiful sand bank beach, totally surrounded by warm blue sea, where you remain alone in luxurious private bliss.  Maybe some local fishermen will pull up on the beach, Mozambique’s best, with their catch of the day but you can all share this temporary isle while taking photos or just chilling.


If you stay at Ibo Island Lodge, staff will tell you that this is one of the most unique beach experiences in Africa! It is regarded as one of the must do’s in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Pack and use lots of sun screen, a hat, reading material, your camera, and beach gear. We take care of the rest! Contact one of our consultants today to organise your best beach experience!


The timing of this experience is entirely dependent on the tides. Head out to our little piece of paradise for either breakfast or lunch served under our Bedouin tent with your feet in the sand. There is ample opportunity for swimming, strolling, snoozing, and good snorkelling can be found right off the sand bank. Dolphins and turtles are regularly spotted en-route. This activity is weather, wind and tide dependent.


If you want to enjoy beach weather for longer, why not include the sand bank experience into your Guided Mobile Island Hopping Dhow and Kayak Safari? Gather a group of friends and tailor make your experience with expert guides and local crew. Explore wild river mouths and some of the last remaining mangrove swamps in Africa. Snorkel to your heart’s content and your professional guide will later pitch the tents and light the fire – grilled lobster under the stars as the wildlife settles down for the night!


Once known as the ‘Islands of Lazarus’, Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago boasts untouched coral reefs, tidal sand bars, mangroves and endangered species such as the dugong and some species of turtles and dolphins. Ibo Island is a haven of old Portuguese settlements going to ruin but some have been restored, such as Ibo Island Lodge, into fantastic tourist mansions.

Dear Ibo Island Lodge Team.
We came to visit this special place on the recommendation of our ornithologist friend & bird guide, Malcolm Wilson, and he is right. Ibo Island Lodge is fantastic! We loved watching the wonders from the roof top of the front, we loved the historical tour with Anli and the sand bank trip with Cosmo (humpback dolphins, humpback whale breaching)… Felicity and her team created a stylish and comfortable atmosphere, and the chef and his team cooked up wonders (crab, prawns, lobster & garden fresh goodies)!
A big thank you to all, and compliments to Rob for ensuring that Ibo Island Lodge is a place we shall want to come back to.
All the best.

Ibo Island Lodge
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