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The Best Lodges in Mozambique

For a holiday in beautiful surroundings, with stunning weather and a truly exotic location, you can’t beat Mozambique, so well done for coming to us. We are experts in travel to this genuinely amazing country, and we have access to some of the very best destinations available. The Indian Ocean coastline, amazing beaches and wonderful […]

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Hotels Mozambique

Luxury Hotels in Mozambique

Newlyweds can stroll around Ibo Island, hand in hand, meeting warm folk and learning about the life they have lived for the past few generations. Romance is the key when you book a honeymoon in the Quirimbas, at Ibo Island Lodge, one of the most elegant and chic hotels in Mozambique. The magnificently restored ancient […]

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Quirimba Holidays

Things to do in Mozambique

Many Mozambique holidays are centred on the coastline, not surprising that the country’s top beach resorts and lodges are found there. Although the mainland offers variety, in terms of things to do in Mozambique, many holidaymakers opt for the remote islands for their tranquility and beauty. Unlike Zanzibar and Mauritius, the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos […]

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Ibo Island Coconuts

The Coconut Crabs of Ibo Island

Do Coconut crabs (Birguslatro) really eat coconuts that is the question? Yes they do! And yes you do find these enormous crabs on Ibo Island in the remote Quirimbas Archipelago. But it turns out that while these huge crabs, also known as robber crabs or palm thieves, can actually eat an entire coconut, this is […]

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Accommodation Mozambique

Hotels In Mozambique

There is nothing like a genuine island paradise location for a stunning holiday, and that is what you get with Ibo Island Lodge. This amazing destination occupies a prime spot in one of the most beautiful areas of Mozambique, so you’ve chosen well. As the acknowledged experts in Mozambique travel we know the best places […]

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Mozambique specials

History and culture tour

Ibo Island is brimming with treasure chests of fascinating history, streets of enthralling architecture and the energies of a truly unique culture. During your stay at Ibo Island Lodge you too have the opportunity to explore the island in all its diversity by participating in the culture tour and the history tour, or both, led […]

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Arriving on Ibo Island

Arriving on Ibo Island is a magical experience in itself. From the moment you step into the small airplane in Pemba and absorb the magnificent views of the stunning islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago from above, your adventure of a lifetime begins. Already you will have seen the mesmerizing colors of the Indian Ocean and […]

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Quirimbas diving

Dolphin safari

Imagine coming face to face with a real dolphin underwater and not feeling any fear, only awe and admiration? This kind of surreal experience is waiting for you at Ibo Island Lodge which now promises you the opportunity to embark on a once in a lifetime dolphin safari. This is a truly magical and rare […]

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Holidays Mozambique

NG 50 Tours of a Lifetime

Ibo Island Lodge is on the renowned National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime this year for their unique Island Hopping Dhow Safaris!These incredible tours take tourists into the unspoilt and remote Quirimbas Archipelago on ancient sailing boats still used by local communities subsisting in the region. That Ibo Island features on this list, highlighting […]

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Mozambique hotels

A trip to Rolas Island

Visiting the remote and gorgeous Rolas Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss. The one-day trip starts early at the renowned Ibo Island Lodge in the breathtaking Quirimbas Archipelago of northern Mozambique with a short briefing – and afterwards, it is time to set the sails! You will be enjoying […]

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