Air transfer over Quirimbas Archipelago

Arriving on Ibo Island

Arriving on Ibo Island is a magical experience in itself. From the moment you step into the small airplane in Pemba and absorb the magnificent views of the stunning islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago from above, your adventure of a lifetime begins.

Already you will have seen the mesmerizing colors of the Indian Ocean and the lush, green islands surrounded by white sandy beacheswhen flying through the clouds. Looking down, you may see whales or other marine creatures in their natural habitat. Yes, it all starts from the very first step you take on Ibo Island after this breath-taking 25-minute airplane ride: you feel the tranquility and simplicity, the essence of the island.

Arrive at IboIt is true what they say about Ibo – the island feels so remote, so untouched by the modern world that it is lost in time, a gemstone sparkling with innocence and agelessness. Slowly, visitors from all over the world are realizing that this magical destination exists and they want to see her, her history, her community and her wonderful outdoor activities.

You will be glad to know that the grassy air strip at Ibo Island is always in good condition to ensure a smooth landing! You fly from Pemba, one of Mozambique’s main airports which features daily flights from Johannesburg, Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi.

A representative from Ibo Island Lodge will give you a warm island welcome at the airstrip and drive you by car to your accommodation. Look around at the people as you drive, seeing their simple and fascinating way of lifeas you pass through the village of waving, happy children and adults.

You may glimpse the legendary João Baptiste, Ibo’s self-proclaimed living historian. He is old now and tells stories about the islands independence movement and his time spent as prisoner in the fort,from his veranda at home in one of Ibo’s old streets.

Mozambique Holiday packagesYou may be captivate by the architectural heirlooms from the 1500’s which are now overgrown with wild tropical bush. Rugged and long-standing structures seem to still breathe and radiate a complexheritagefrom their resting places within scented frangipani petals, the twisting roots of fig trees and bright crimson Bougainvillea shrubs.

Arriving at Ibo Island Lodge is like entering a new world where friendly staff welcome you and offer you a refreshing cocktail to wash away the dust from your travels. Look out to sea from the beautifully decorated reception area, and be dazzled by the astounding views ofthe mangrove forest right in front of you!

After check-inn, you will be given a full tour around the lodge. As you stroll through the well-kept green gardens with their palm trees swaying in the breeze and their sparkling swimming pools, it is not hard to imagine what true paradise looks like.

Mozambique Holiday packagesAnd later, you will enjoy a cultural tour of Ibo Island, seeing for yourself the Portuguese, Dutch, Indian, Arabian and the Chinese influences in the architecture and lifestyle of the community living there today. In fact, there are characteristics from all corners of the world that can be identified in what is left of Ibo Island’s architecture today, dating back to the 1500’s.


Did you know that forts once serving as military bastions and slave trading houses along the shores of Ibo? And that the biggest Dogtooth Tuna has been caught between Ibo and Matemo Island? Nature lovers will want to see the more than 700 different bird species on the island, 10 of these listed as threatened.

As you stroll around Ibo and enjoy your luxurious accommodation at the Lodge, think about the way of life that came before you – and that the last sea faring trading dhow arrived on Ibo Island after having sailed all the way from India in 1969!

Yes, arriving on Ibo Island is indeed a magical experience – come and see it for yourself. Contact us for your real package deal.




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