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Once lost in time, ancient traditions, dream like designs, handmade on Ibo Island ….
The lack of socioeconomic opportunity on Ibo Island is a serious problem. Keeping this ancient tradition alive generates vital income for the island. Traditional silversmiths on Ibo Island hand craft exquisite, intricate, jewellery using ancient Arab techniques and tools. The artisan-artists are simply continuing an ancient Ibo tradition of producing fine metalwork. This jewellery is found nowhere else in the world. The project aims to stimulate a more equitable distribution of the benefits, providing high quality raw materials to the silversmiths. In order to do this, Ibo Island Lodge has set up a distribution network with a company in Cape Town and the jewellery is exported all over the world providing a far greater return for the crafters.

The growth of jewellery production on Ibo and the employment it provides is largely the work of the lodge and the various donors and NGO’s who have assisted the lodge with this project. Forty traditional silversmiths now work on Ibo, some from the 17th century star-shaped fort and some from the premises at Ibo Island Lodge. Guests can learn more about this ancient craft from the lodge and can also observe these artists at work and commission special pieces from them.

Keen to spend more time learning about this ancient craft on Ibo, meet the silversmiths and try your hand at making your own?
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