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A trip to Rolas Island

Visiting the remote and gorgeous Rolas Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss. The one-day trip starts early at the renowned Ibo Island Lodge in the breathtaking Quirimbas Archipelago of northern Mozambique with a short briefing – and afterwards, it is time to set the sails!

You will be enjoying the view of the stunning, remote islands of Quirimbas Archipelago as you glide through the clear blue waters on a traditional dhow. Put your feet up and relax in the shade, or go up to the top deck and enjoy the morning sun, as the local crew and professional guides take you through the beautiful scenery of Northern Mozambican islands.

Approximately two hours after departure from Ibo Island, you will arrive at the white sandy beaches and in the gorgeous nature of the remote, untouched Rolas Island. While the crew sets up the gazebo, you can go for a swim in the warm turquoise waters or try snorkelling to better explore the pristine corals and a wide variety of interesting aquatic life. Read more about Ibo’s island hopping Dhow safaris here.

Relax in the shade of the gazebo and enjoy the restful view of nothing but white beaches and turquoise sea, while the crew prepares fresh seafood and traditional cuisine over an open fire just for you.

Before heading back home, to Ibo Island Lodge, you may want to take a stroll along the beautiful island beach,  accompanied by your knowledgeable guide who will tell you everything there is to know about stunning Rolas Island- and who will be ready to answer any questions you might have.

After a refreshing final swim in the balmy Indian Ocean, your crew will take you back to the magical Ibo Island so that once again you get to enjoy the tranquillity of sailing in a traditional dhow. Serenity at its best, a holiday on Rolas Island involves responsible travel in a part of the world that remains undeveloped.

Many visitors to the Quirimbas Archipelago find Rolas Island to be a stunning place to relax, seeing no one, hearing nothing, simply seeing the huge expanse of blue ocean and the huge expanse of blue sky above – a humbling experience.

The island is almost entirely unpopulated except for the tiny fishing village there where indigenous people go about their daily business of survival. You will see their fish drying on racks and, when you set up camp, you will think that you are in heaven – dive into the crystal blue sea, sleep in the sugar white sands and eat fresh Mozambique foods all day.

If the tide goes out, you can go out to the huge white sand bar where you feel as if you are the only people on earth, all this open space and heavy silence around you. There are barely enough adjectives to describe Rolas Island! Snorkel around the wonderful coral reefs around the island – bliss.

If this really appeals to you then why not consider the option of sailing the Quirimbas Archipelago with Ibo Island Lodge, the only operator to offer tented mobile dhow and kayak safaris in this region of Mozambique?

All expeditions have the perfect ending at the magical and historical Ibo Island Lodge where guests appreciate again the fine luxury and colonial comforts of the restored mansions. Ibo offers private and scheduled departures so you can tailor make your dhow safari according to your needs – family holiday, friends’ reunion, etc.

You will spend a good few days island hopping and exploring tropical bliss, snorkelling over untouched corals, finding red listed bird species and discovering pristine mangrove forests. All of this on a 12-meter dhow with pro guide and crew! Camp out in eco mobile camps on remote island beaches, dining on fresh seafood roasted over open fires – all safaris include Ibo Island Lodge, the most wow guest experience! Click here to learn more about Ibo Island Lodge.


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