Interesting Facts about Ibo Island

Ibo Island has a lost world appeal, hidden on the edge of the world and hosting legends centuries old.


  • Architecture on Ibo Island dates back to the 1500’s

  • Forts once serving as military bastions and slave trading houses line the shores of Ibo

  • Ibo is a melting pot of influences from around the world, creating a culture that is completely unique

  • The legendary João Baptiste is Ibo’s self-proclaimed living historian. He tells stories from his veranda at home on Ibo about the islands independence movement and his time spent as prisoner in the fort

  • Boundless secrets, history and culture are still contained amongst the marvelous ruins of Ibo

  • One of the largest mangrove forests in Africa is firmly rooted in front of Ibo Island. This region is one of the most important and bio diverse marine regions in the world

  • Shrubs of unbleached coral reefs are commonly found in the shallow depths surrounding Ibo. Dolphins, whales, turtles and the occasional shy dugong are found here

  • The biggest Dogtooth Tuna fishing catch occur between Ibo and Matemo Island

  • Ibo nests over 700 different bird species, 10 of these being threatened

  • The last sea faring trading dhow arrived on Ibo Island having sailed all the way from India in 1969!

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