Ibo Island People

The people of Ibo Island seem weaved together, religion and culture being the distinct threads. The warm hearted and genuine friendliness of the people of Ibo is the first thing that strikes you when you arrive. Pride in their island seems to burst from within them and they are not shy to share all their unique culture with visitors.

Ibo is a living, breathing, and vibrant island. One of the most unique aspects of staying with us is the opportunity to understand Mozambique’s culture and heritage – a real African culture that has not been dressed up for tourism. At Ibo Island Lodge you can be a part of the rhythm of the island and spend as much time within the community as you feel comfortable with.

The people are welcoming and the lives they lead are simple and traditional. Generations of silversmiths will show you how this intricate craft has been passed on from father to son, as well as that of the fishermen who know the tides and channels of the Archipelago like the back of their hands.

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