Ibo Island – Mozambique holiday

Ibo Island has a lost world appeal, hidden on the edge of the Quirimbas Archipelago and hosting legends centuries old. One of a string of 32 islands that stretch for one hundred kilometres, Ibo Island reflects a way life that has been lived for more than a thousand years. The Archipelago is virtually unknown to the outside world – local fisherman still cast their nets and lines along hundreds of kilometres of winding channels and mangrove lagoons from Arab style dhows.

Guests to Mozambique’s Ibo Island Lodge guests have described the excursion to our sandbank beach as secret and lazy beach bliss at its absolute best. Our beach is very secluded, appearing at low tide in the middle of the Indian Ocean, totally surrounded by azure water and soft sand and accessed only by boat. Ibo Island is brimming with charismatic history and architecture – tales of pirates and prisoners, turtle shells and silver emanate from some of the oldest buildings in Mozambique. The people of Ibo Island seem weaved together, religion and culture being the distinct threads. 99% of the people of Ibo are of Muslim faith due to strong Arab influences in Mozambique history. The common theme of daily life on Ibo Island is creative cultural expression. The people of Ibo Island speak Kimwani meaning “language of the people from the coast”.

Ibo Island Lodge supports local community initiatives by providing training, income and development opportunities. During the construction of the lodge, we also built a community school which then grew into the Montessori English School. The silversmith project keeps alive the culture of traditional silversmiths on Ibo Island who hand craft exquisite, intricate jewellery.