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SUP Trips and Expeditions in the Quirimbas

Ibo Island Lodge has designed a thrilling 6-night dhow and SUP island hopping safari in the Quirimbas Archipelago to introduce intrepid travelers to this beautiful region from a board.

Stand up Paddle Boarding or SUP is the latest craze to hit Mozambique. Leave surfing and kayaking to the birds as you join us on one of the best SUP trips and expeditions in the Quirimbas you could ever wish for. A vacation where all you do is stand up on a board and paddle. A marine adventure where your every sense is tuned into your paddling and the natural world around you.


The Quirimbas Archipelago is a radical new destination that has been seen by a lucky few. Historically, Ibo Island was the trading hub of this string of islands and today has over a thousand years of history and culture for you to discover.

Experience life in the elements as you meet whales and dolphins, turtles and sharks from your SUP board. Cruise the ocean surface at your own pace, using pure muscle force and mind over matter.

Paddle your way down quiet coastal rivers where humans are rare and coastal birds many. Then venture into wild mangrove swamps, homes to exotic creatures and plants. Explore the waterways between tiny unknown islands where crabs and turtles play and human footprints are seldom seen. Pitch tents on white beaches, snorkeling into the ocean before tucking into fresh fish from the fire.

When you SUP in the wilds of the Quirimba’s you need the backup just in case. Ibo Island Lodge has initiated island hopping dhows as SUP support vessels. Paddling distances vary between an easy 5km to a difficult 12km but paddlers have the option of baling and sitting aboard the dhow to enjoy the scenery instead. The crew break and set up camp, prepare all your meals on an open fire and cater for all your needs.

The safari takes on new meaning as paddlers get three treats in one – time to SUP between islands, time to chill on board the support dhow and time to reflect on your adventure in the luxury of Ibo Island Lodge when the journey is over.

The Ibo team have arranged and supported several trans Quirimbas paddling and sailing expeditions. We know the entire region intimately and together we can design the perfect, tailor-made itinerary.

Add some spice to the original dhow safari when you pack your paddle board. Feel free to paddle the open ocean because you know your support dhow is there for you, offering shelter, food and support if need be.

Day by Day Itinerary

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Tell all your friends about the best Mozambique island holiday! When you spend time alone on just a board, with an oar, you have a lot to think about. Make it happen with Ibo Island SUP trips and expeditions in the Quirimba’s.

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