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Getting to Ibo Island

How to get to Ibo Island

Are you there yet? Getting to Ibo Island is easy! It is easy to get to Ibo Island Lodge. Fly to northern Mozambique’s Pemba airport from South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. This is the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and the islands are literally across the water, as the seagull flies, by boat or charter […]

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Ibo Island

Mozambique’s Best Island

Why on earth would Ibo Island be Mozambique’s Best Island? What a very special place is Ibo Island – a place of almost fantastical natural resources and unreal sunsets into deep blue seas. Ibo Island is different from the other Quirimbas Archipelago islands because it supports a population of some 3 000 local people. They are […]

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Nkwichi 3

Nkwichi Lodge

A holiday to Mozambique does not always have to be on a magical beach or on an idyllic island – it can also be in the interior, where the wilderness soothes your soul just as much as the most beautiful beach in the world! This is Nkwichi Lodge on the shores of Lake Malawi. This […]

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Quirimba Holidays

Mozambique Travel Packages

Travel to Mozambique into a completely different universe of soulful beaches and seas, elegant hotels and service so good that you need do nothing except relax. Mozambique Travel Packages can consist of a few days at Ibo Island Lodge followed by a few days at other island lodges in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Choose from an […]

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Ibo Island Mozambique

Mozambique Resorts

A holiday at a Mozambique Resort should be about learning about the country, the culture and the way of life. It should be about leaving your troubles behind and absorbing the environment you find yourself in. In Mozambique, this environment is absolutely beautiful – clear blue skies, turquoise seas, pristine white sandy beaches and marine […]

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Mozambique Holidays

Mozambique Packages

A holiday to Mozambique is usually the trip you take once in a lifetime. So, when you get to Mozambique, the best way to see the delightfully sunny country is to book a special package that incorporates several destinations in one trip. Have you ever thought of going to two Quirimbas Archipelago island lodges during […]

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Ibo Island, Mozambique

Mozambique Lodges

The choice of Mozambique Lodges in the Quirimbas Archipelago is mind-boggling – not only is there a range of amazing villas from which to choose but so too are there the various islands, the settings and the activities on offer. For those who don’t know, the Quirimbas Archipelago islands are a Mozambique cultural and natural […]

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Wherever you choose to stay in Mozambique, an island holiday is one of your best bets – think azure seas, dazzling beaches, swaying palm trees and choice seafood every day. The Quirimbas Archipelago is a unique island destination where 34 small islands remain largely uninhabited and contain remnants of history going back to the Arab […]

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Mozambique Island – Ibo Island Lodge

Travellers to Mozambique all have their own ideas about where they want to stay. A holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago offers a wide range of accommodation to people seeking solitude and beauty, away from the hum-drum of life. A Mozambique Holiday at Ibo Island Lodge has it all – the beauty of the island beaches, […]

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Medjumbe Private Island is just that – private. It is also peaceful and stands alone in clear turquoise seas where very few people go. Only one kilometre long and 500 metres wide, this small island in the Quirimbas Archipelago does offer sand bars at low tide which stretch into the sea, safe areas from which […]

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Have you ever considered seeing wild animals in the interior of South Africa after an idyllic beach holiday on the islands of Mozambique? As the crow flies, the Kruger National Park is not that far from the Quirimbas Archipelago so a beach-bush safari combining these two destinations should work! Pack your walking shoes and khakis […]

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Have you ever thought of combining a holiday in the romantic islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago with a break on Lake Malawi? Mozambique and Malawi are both still largely untouched by modernisation with local people still living simple lives and the natural environment is conserved to some extent. Staying on the shores of Lake Malawi […]

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Mozambique Holiday – Kaya Mawa

Lying 12 km from the Mozambique side of Lake Malawi (or Lake Niassa) you will find a unique luxury lodge called Kaya Mawa on the island of Likoma. The island is inhabited by local people and is owned by Mozambique. Some 9 000 people live here in poverty – their main income is from fishing […]

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Perched on the Mozambique mainland south of Nacala, Coral Lodge 15.41 is named after the latitude it sits on. Not only does the hotel offer wild white beaches, mangrove swamps and coral rock sand dunes but so too is it a short 10 minutes from Ilha de Mozambique. Visitors to this part of Mozambique will […]

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Travel the Dhow in the Quirimbas

Take a romantic dhow sailing trip to the nearby sandbank or an overnight dhow safari to a nearby deserted island for something more adventurous. You will be under the eye of an expert professional guide and local crew who will erect tents, arrange the food in an elegant picnic and ensure you are left alone […]

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Dive Quirimbas

Ibo Island Lodge is a very special place to stay in its three perfectly restored old houses – attention to detail has created a special atmosphere where the balance between the old style and the new is perfect. Ibo Island Lodge is not only a cultural masterpiece but also a diver’s paradise. Dive Quirimbas is […]

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Swim with Dolphins at Ibo Island

If you get washed up on Ibo Island, you will immediately notice her environmental and cultural beauty – you will be struck by her ancient dignity and hidden legend. And when you take the time to swim with the dolphins, you will know that you have come home. Research has shown that when people swim […]

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Quirimbas Travel Guide | Mozambique Holidays

Now is the time to visit the amazing Quirimbas Archipelago, also called the Ilhas Quirimbas. This previously inaccessible paradise is now being discovered by adventurers, divers, fishermen and honeymoon couples. It is not difficult to understand why: Quirimbas Archipelago the is a place of extreme beauty where only a few travelers go. It is an […]

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