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cyclone kenneth

Cyclone Kenneth Strikes Ibo Island

Yesterday afternoon Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Northern Mozambique. It was a Force 4 cyclone and struck with tremendous force effecting some of the Quirimba Islands north of Pemba Mozambique. Islands most seriously affected were Ibo, Matemo and Quirimba. Over a thousand homes have been destroyed on Ibo island with serious damage to infrastructure, electrical […]

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Pro Kayaks

Our sea kayak safaris

SCHEDULED DEPARTURES Our Scheduled Departures are designed as a group tour with set departure dates that anyone can join. These Mozambique kayak safaris are open to a wide range of nationalities and you will be traveling with a group of like-minded people from all walks of life. There may also be children, over the age of eight, […]

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Dhow and kayak mobile safari

What is a Mozambican Dhow?

When the Monsoon winds carried trade across the Indian Ocean, the vessel of choice was the Dhow, with its characteristic lateen sail made with traditional Merikani cloth. A Dhow is a one or two-masted Arab sailing vessel, usually with lateen rigging (slanting, triangular sails), common still today in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. […]

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Paddling clients and dhow safari dhow

Quirimbas Safari Package

A Quirimbas Archipelago safari package completed on a kayak is an adventurous way to explore this dreamy Mozambique region. Here, the crystal clear blue seas and sunny skies ensure smooth sailing most of the time. Going on safari in the Quirimbas on a kayak requires a certain level of fitness and stamina but it is […]

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Dhow and kayak mobile safari

Mozambique Safari by Sea Kayak

It is time to embark on a Mozambique safari by sea kayak – explore the fantastic Quirimbas Archipelago on board one of these stable canoes. Fly into Pemba for the launch of your excursion and Ibo Island Lodge representatives will arrange your three-hour road transfer to Mucojo, then your dhow transfer to Mogundula Island. Meet […]

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Mobile Island Hopping Kayaking

Explore the Fascinating Culture and History

Mozambique is a country with a rich cultural history and one with many beautiful holiday destinations to visit. Still remaining unspoilt and offering a genuine chance to experience the real Africa, this amazing place with its Indian Ocean coastline is a country of many delights. Of particular interest are the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, […]

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Kayak and dhow safari in the Quirimbas

Kayak Quirimbas Mozambique Islands

The beautiful East African country of Mozambique offers a variety of opportunities for a fine holiday, but few can match the splendour and tranquillity of the beautiful Quirimbas Archipelago. This glorious chain of islands lies off the northern coast of the country, surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with stunning white […]

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Kayaking Guide

Mozambique beach Kayak Quirimbas

To enjoy the best of Mozambique beach, you have got to include kayaking on your list of activities! And when you book the guided mobile island hopping kayak safaris in the Quirimbas, the better the thrills for you! Available only at Ibo Island Lodge, this sensational adventure is the most romantic way of exploring the […]

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Mobile Island Hopping Kayaking

Kayak Quirimbas Guides

Our Quirimbas Archipelago mobile island hopping kayak safaris are led by pro guides, Wilfred and Causemore Dzevene. Wilfred and Causemore are highly competent, capable and knowledgeable guides who have been living and operating in the region for years, offering a passionate insight into the Quirimbas and our Mozambique tours. WILFRED Wilfred has been with us for many years and originally […]

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Ibo clients leaping from a Dhow

Water Based Fun at Ibo

An island holiday is usually centred around water and lots of it. If you choose Ibo Island as your Mozambique holiday destination this summer, you will find yourself smack bang in the middle of the remote Indian Ocean. Your island is a mere dot in the greater scheme of things and when you set off […]

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Kayaking safari girls

Kayaking the Quirimbas Archipelago

A sea kayak experience in Mozambique is best enjoyed in the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago and the best way to assess these safaris is to first scan all TripAdvisor guest reviews and the candid photos people post. This feedback from clients is most informative for those still planning their kayak safaris to the islands […]

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Kite surfing in the Quirimbas

Kayak Quirimbas Kite Surfing

The one thing we have on tap during May to August is WIND and it generally blows and blows bringing a glint to any kite surfers eye! If the sound of having a 12 meter fully equipped traditional Arab dhow and experienced skipper and crew at your disposal to Kite Surfing, island hop and explore […]

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Kayak Quirimbas

Quirimbas National Park Sea Kayak Expeditions

Travel to the Mozambique Quirimbas National Park,  located in six central districts of the Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique and stretching about 7 506 square kilometers between mainland and ocean, inter-tidal and 11 island habitats. The creation of the Quirimbas National Park is unique: huge celebrations and official functions took place on Ibo Island, the Park […]

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Pincers of a crab at Ibo

What to do at Ibo Island

Ibo Island is different. Your Mozambique holiday here in the northern Quirimbas Archipelago will be different. Because when you choose Ibo, you choose culture above beaches, history above sea swims. You come to Ibo to marvel at the old white forts dating back 500 years and you meet happy people who live a simple live, […]

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Disembarking a kayak in the Quirimbas

Sea Kayak Expeditions in Mozambique

One of the best paddling destinations in Mozambique is the Quirimbas Archipelago – plenty of space, dotted with islands, to explore, get fit and simply perfect the sea kayaking experience. This idyllic chain of islands stretches right up to the Tanzanian border, 32 kilometers north of Pemba, and many sea kayak expeditions start from Ibo […]

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Sea Urchin Shell Ibo Island

The Ultimate Guide to Ibo Island Lodge

Flying in to the legendary Ibo Island Lodge in the northern region of Mozambique is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. If you want to experience the best features of Ibo Island Lodge, then read this ultimate guide to the hotel in the Quirimbas Archipelago, and remain forever smitten. Solid ancient […]

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Kayaking Guide

Kayak Quirimbas Bush And Beach

ADD ON TO YOUR TRIP Both our mobile safaris and Ibo Island Lodge were created out of a genuine passion for northern Mozambique holidays. In our opinion, it is one of the most unique and un-spoilt destinations left in Africa. The team behind the safaris have specialized in tourism in Africa for over 15 years […]

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