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Scuba diving at it’s best

Ibo Island diving spots offer shallow sites for the casual diver and dramatic drops for the more serious. Wild underwater landscapes, rainbow marine fish, and gentle warm currents, all make scuba diving a world in its own right.

The best diving on Ibo is at the light house. It’s a long wall that covers an area of 1 square km. Starting at 10 m of depth you have both large gardens of coral tables, soft corals, bucket corals, green tree corals and the wall side that goes down to a coral bottom at 21m were you can see a good range of tropical fish.

Other sites that can be easily accessed from Ibo are the southern tip of Matemo where dolphins, turtles, and bright neon fish sit in the oceanic traffic with you. Just off the sandbank beach is the wreck of an old coal steamer vessel. Because of the usually crystal clear waters, you can still see scattered pieces of coal, once on the ship over 100 years ago. This is also a great snorkelling site.

The Quirimbas is a combination of diverse marine life, untouched coral reefs and tropical ocean currents. We don’t mind if you are a novice or accomplished, we just want to show you our sweetlips and angelfish, our dolphins and turtles, not to mention the hump backed whales which you could view in season (July to September).

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Dear Rob and team.
Our sojourn with you over Christmas was a holiday I’ll remember forever.  We may not have been the easiest bunch to accommodate, taking into account our range of ages – from a 10 year old to an 80-plus year old couple.  However, you really went beyond the call of duty to make our stay as comfortable as you could for all of us!

Your staff are wonderful and I had the best bird watching trip ever, with Harris.  We identified the call of the bird and then stalked it.  What fun!  Our snorkelling with Harris and Dollar was pure magic.  Your larger Dhow is a real majestic boat to travel on.  The helmsman is the most unflappable individual who calmly directed the frantic activity to unfurl the sails!  We loved watching him and voted him a master yachtsman. The kayaking trip generated great competition and turned out to be a race back home! Lots of talk about who cheated or didn’t row fast enough!!

Dollar and Harris and the staff made our holiday so memorable with their knowledge, expertise and willingness to adjust the various activities to suit everyone’s specific needs.  Nothing was too much trouble. Nacir was so willing to help with our requests for fixing a shoe, finding Ibo coffee to take home and allowing us to learn more about his island that he made some good tips on the side! Your chefs and kitchen staff truly wowed us with what they produced and our Christmas meal was truly delicious.  You were ever present and available to make the adjustments we requested with willingness and the ability to be flexible.  We probably weren’t always aware of the McGuiver- like manoeuvres you may have had to implement in order to satisfy our many requests!  Say thank you to Glynis also for her good company. Thank you so much. Wonderful!