Mozambique Spa Treatments

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The oldest, simplest form of therapy, our massage treatment is culturally inspired, and uses traditional recipes borrowed from the people of Ibo.

Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your room, or in our treatment room, inspired by the culture of the local people on Ibo and using local traditions as passed down from mothers to daughters of Ibo. Body scrubs are prepared using Ibo coarse sea salt and locally grown zesty lemon grass. Good feelings saturate your body, all five senses refreshed! Don’t forget to also sample a traditional Mozambique Musiro facial. The painted mask is akin to a beautify facial or mud mask in the Western world. It is worn often by the Mwani women of Ibo and every day during the Muslim religious time of Ramadan. It’s common anytime to see Ibo women in the street or at the market with their faces painted an exotic white.

Tradition on Ibo says that women about to wed should always use a musiro face mask to signal their purity and virginity, and to keep their skin soft and healthy. Many women of all ages use the paste as a beauty routine and is typically traditional to northern Mozambique.



Full Body Massage with coconut oil … 60min
A pampering full body massage from head to toe using traditional island coconut oil. A blissful treat that will leave you feeling refreshed, calm and relaxed.

Back and Foot Massage with coconut oil …45min
Your feet need pampering and attention too! Includes a back massage to help ease stressed and sore muscles.

Musiro Face Treatment…30min
A traditional face pack that the local women of Ibo wear. Deeply moisturizing and cleansing it is also an excellent sunscreen and helps rejuvenate sun damaged and tired skin. It is proven to improve skin texture if worn regularly. The musiro is made from the trunk and branches of the Quipalo tree; it is ground into a paste using a coral stone.
Please note: booking for this treatment needs to be a day in advance in order to prepare the mask.

Musiro Hand & Foot treatment… 20min
Using the wonderful and traditional Musiro paste feet and hands are given a deep moisturize leaving skin soft and rejuvenated.

Please note: booking for this treatment needs to be a day in advance in order to prepare ingredients.

Dear Rob, Glyn, Ibo the dog & The Ibo team

Thank you for showing us heaven on the earth with this outstanding island IBO!
Especially the birthday dinner on the beach makes our stay unforgettable. We enjoyed the historical and cultural tours very much. We already saw a lot of the world but IBO is really something special, something outstanding which is with getting the world heritage certification.

All the best to the Ibo Team …you’re blessed with this wonderful place on earth. We will be back!

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